“All of us have things about ourselves that we find challenging. If this is an area where you need to grow, take the opportunity to let God help you align your thoughts with His.” Laurie Glass

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. (Proverbs 14:30)


You’re human, and you may wish your life was better. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you may feel jealous at times. Perhaps you envy healthy people who engage in life in ways you can’t. You may see others living the life you’d planned for yourself before sickness took it away from you. Maybe you’re jealous of others who are sick and have faithful caregivers, whose symptoms aren’t as severe, or who are in a better place financially.

If you feel jealous, be honest with yourself about that. Start there. Jealous feelings only hurt you, so letting go of them will serve you well. Ponder the following suggestions as you consider how to let go of jealousy.




Ask the Lord to help you stop comparing your life to others and focus on contentment and gratitude. We aren’t meant to have similar life experiences, just as we weren’t all meant to be created alike. Once your eyes are off what others have, you can focus on what God has placed in your life and the work He wants to do in your heart.


Speak with someone you trust. That person might be able to provide some insight. Even if something insightful is not offered, just voicing what is on your mind can help you sort out your thoughts and feelings.


Express your thoughts in a journal. Writing about the issue that triggers your jealousy may help you see it from a different perspective.


Think of the positive things you have in your life. You might have to look hard, but perhaps there is something – something that might seem insignificant to others or something you take for granted. Remember that every little thing matters.

5. ASK

When you see another sick person with more help, support, or financial resources, ask yourself, “Do I wish that person didn’t have what he/she needs?”


Remember that healthy people struggle, too. Yes, having one’s health is huge. There’s no doubt about that, but many problems people face may not appear on the surface. Someone else’s life might not be as easy or pleasant as it seems.


Concentrate on gratitude for and being content with what you have. Ask the Lord to help you put on an attitude of contentment while remembering Philippians 4:11: I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.



Jealousy does not serve you well and isn’t in line with God’s plan for how He wants His children to live. All of us have things about ourselves that we find challenging. If this is an area where you need to grow, take the opportunity to let God help you align your thoughts with His. You can start by focusing on contentment and gratitude for all God has given you. You may be less able in some areas of your life, but you can always have God’s power at work in your heart.


If you are tempted to feel jealous, look at the Discovering Gratitude and I Will Give Thanks printables to help you focus on gratitude instead.

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Laurie Glass

Laurie Glass

Chronic Joy® Staff Writer

Laurie has a Master's Degree in Christian Counseling and is the author of Coping with ME/CFS. Many of her poems and articles have been published in print and online. She won the Open Medicine Foundation poetry contest in 2019. Laurie loves to use her gift of writing to encourage others.

I Will Give Thanks

Gratitude is a gift given to us by God. At its core, gratitude is about not taking anything for granted. Living a life of gratitude is about learning to draw near to God, being thankful for what we have, for who God is, and for who He created us to be.

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