"We never know how a small act of kindness can have ripple effects." Joe Albright

“We never know how a small act of kindness can have ripple effects.” Joe Albright



In 1941, Sofia Banya, a poor Polish farm woman, found that she did not have enough money to purchase food for her family at the village store. The Jewish shopkeeper, Israel Rubinek, told her to take the food and repay him when she could. This unplanned act of kindness was unheard of in war-torn Poland — and Sofia Banya never forgot it.

Two years later, the Nazis rounded up Jewish people in Poland and sent them to concentration camps. Fearing for the life of the shopkeeper, Sofia Banya risked her life by hiding Rubinek and his wife in her home for two and a half years.

Decades later, the Rubineks reunited with the woman who sheltered them from the Nazis. The granddaughter of the Rubineks said, “That one act of kindness that my grandfather did to Sofia Banya affected everything. His small act gave birth to immeasurable love in the heart of Mrs. Banya. She was a poor Polish farmer, terrified for her life, yet she took care of my grandparents whom she barely knew.”




We never know how a small act of kindness can have ripple effects.

You may have seen the bumper sticker, “Practice Random Acts of Kindness…” I heard a pastor say one time that we should also practice “intentional acts of kindness.” Both can produce tremendous ripple effects. This week, may you find a way to practice one of each.



God of Hope, you have called us to be instruments of your love and grace. Show us at least one way we can make a difference in your name this week. Keep our eyes and hearts open, we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Random and Intentional Acts of Kindness first published July 25, 2017 at Dial Hope. ​Published with permission.

Questions For Reflection

1. How have you experienced the abundant kindness of God this week?

2. Look for opportunities to bless others with little Random Act of Kindness this week.

3. Plan one Intentional Act of Kindness to do this week. Need a little inspiration? Check out our Intentional Kindness printable filled with dozens of ways to be creatively kind. 

Joe Albright

Joe Albright

Joe began his ministry in Sarasota, Florida as an associate pastor, and it was in this capacity that he worked alongside the Reverend Dr. Roger Kunkel. Roger was a colleague who became a mentor and treasured friend. From Sarasota, Joe was called to Jacksonville, Florida where he served as the Head of Staff at Hodges Boulevard Presbyterian Church. Currently, Joe and his family worship and serve at Geneva Presbyterian Church in Switzerland, Florida.

Intentional Kindness

30 Creative Ways

Pause. Seek. Notice.
Be aware of the people around you. Observe the tender prompting of the Spirit. Be intentionally kind and discover what God will do.

Intentional Kindness → Pass It On!

Intentional Kindness

Making the Journey Easier for All of Us! Kindness is love in action, radical and revolutionary, and proof of the Holy Spirit in usIntentional kindness makes the journey easier for all of us, so pass it on!


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