The Prayer of Examen can bring peace.

“I slept more at peace that first night of praying the Examen than I had in a while.” (Kara Plett)


Exams terrified me as a student. It seemed that all of the preparation and learning were wiped clean from my brain when faced with a multiple-choice test. So, you’ll have to forgive me if I passed by this “Prayer of Examen” for quite a while.

Growing up in my church background, I was not exposed to some of the ancient spiritual practices, but as I have read more widely and been exposed to other ideas, I have found many to be of real benefit in my own Christian walk.



I found myself exploring The Prayer of Examen during a low point in my mood. I didn’t feel like putting the work into changing how I was feeling and was caught by the description on Chronic Joy’s printable. The printable suggested this ancient prayer may “help refocus our hearts and minds.” I knew this was exactly what I needed to do and maybe this was a practice that could help me.

So, I printed off the page of questions and steps and placed it on my bedside table as a reminder to take part in this prayer before bed.

The printable encouraged me to quiet my mind, and then I began reading through the questions that helped me review the day and notice God’s presence (the first step).

Questions like:

  • Where did I lean into God or resist Him?
  • What brought me joy or inspired me?
  • What left me drained, anxious, or angry?
  • Was I grasping for control or resisting God in any way?
  • Who or what am I grateful for?


All of these prompts challenged me and naturally led me into a place of thanks (the second step) and a time of asking God’s forgiveness (the third step). The last step was to talk with Him about one specific thing from the day and then to ask Him to guide me through whatever tomorrow held.


I have to say, I slept more at peace that first night of praying the Examen than I had in a while. And I found myself drawn to the idea of using this prayer practice each night for a period of time. The following day still held its challenges and my mood was still low, but I continued with the prayer before bed each night. Each time, God met me right where I was, and I felt I could face the next day with hope.

I can’t claim that I use the prayer every day, but I do keep the sheet beside my bed and reach for it often. I’m finding that it helps me to see God more regularly in the various parts of the day. There is a prompt that encourages me to ask Him how I am trying to take control – this is particularly meaningful for me right now. And as I allow gratitude its proper place in my heart and mind, I am changed, and I begin to look forward to what the next day holds with Him by my side.

As with any good thing, I have found myself sharing the impact of this prayer with others, and they, too, have come to appreciate this simple prayer of reflection.


Could God be prompting you to explore this new prayer practice?

Could you share this Prayer of Examen printable with someone you know?

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Kara Plett

Kara Plett

Chronic Joy® Staff Writer and Prayer Team

Kara and her husband Conrad live in Calgary, Canada, where she was a teacher for 28 years. She loves the Word of God and encourages others through her devotional writing. Kara felt led to write a book of devotionals (Searching for Sea Glass) when her journey with chronic illnesses pressed her into God’s arms of love more deeply. She prays that her journey and refinement will encourage you in your walk with God.

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