Not The Way Things Ought To Be

It’s not the way things ought to be
And yet the way things are,
I look above and see a void
And not one single star.
Then in the day the blue is grey,
The winds of change are stilled,
My heart it seems
Must die to dreams
I’ll never see fulfilled.


It’s not the way things ought to be
And yet the way things are,
Then God walks in,
Forgives the sin
And lights my evening star.
He tames my rebel doubts with love,
Rebukes my frantic fears,
Then asks me why
I sigh and cry
And counts my many tears.


One day the things that “ought to be”
Will be the way He’s planned,
So I should live
And freely give
My hopes into His Hand.
I’ll live in light of ever-ness
With eyes upon the Throne,
He’ll give me grace
To run the race
Till I am safely home.

First published in The Deep Place Where Nobody Goes: Conversations with God on the Steps of my Soul.  © Jill Briscoe. Published with permission

Jill Briscoe

Jill Briscoe

Author and International Speaker

Jill is the founder of Just Between Us, a magazine of encouragement equipping women for a life of faith. A native of Liverpool, England, Jill is the author of over 40 books, has ministered extensively on every continent teaching and encouraging, and served on the boards of World Relief and Christianity Today. Together with her husband, Stuart, they serve as ministers-at-large with Elmbrook Church and can be heard regularly on Telling the Truth, their worldwide media ministry. They reside in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and have three grown children and 13 grandchildren.

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