“Help us to always offer our songs, our words, our hearts in prayerful thanksgiving for who You are and how You are working to revive, restore, and refresh all that You have created –  most especially, each one of us.” Diana Trautwein




It is good to praise You, Almighty God. It is good to sing loudly, tapping our feet, joining right in with those angels who adore You (the ones veiling their sight). Yes, even the angels cannot look directly at You, O Lord of Glory. They cannot behold Your splendid and radiant being because You are just too much – too much for them and surely too much for us, “frail children of dust” that we are. You are the source of all wisdom, glory, power, and might. You are filled with goodness and love. You rule and judge with fairness.

It is hard for us even to begin to wrap our minds around the truth that is You, the immensity of You. You are the wild and untamable source of all that is beautiful, mysterious, awe-inspiring, and powerful – in this universe, on our planet, in these bodies which we treat with such casual neglect, in this natural world in which we live (this world which speaks to us of Your creative genius and Your overwhelming attention to detail).

Truly, Lord, You are God Only Wise, the great mind that permeates every cell of creation – yet the very same God who guides us day by day, who invites and encourages us to join in Your ongoing renewal of creation.

YES! It is good to praise You – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.




Help us always to offer our songs, our words, our hearts in prayerful thanksgiving for who You are and how You are working to revive, restore, and refresh all that You have created –  most especially, each one of us.

Many of us truly need to find that refreshment today, Lord. We are wondering what’s next — feeling overloaded and overwhelmed, maybe worried about our jobs, children, or both. Some of us are waiting on doctors’ diagnoses; some have already heard hard news. Others wonder if we will have enough money to cover the month’s bills. Some may have plenty of money but not much joy in it all. Some of us are young and curious, often thinking we know more than we do. Still, others of us are old and failing, unsure if we know anything at all.

Some of us are worried about a lot of things and getting plenty sick of worrying. Some of us are just plain sick. We are sick and tired of all kinds of things and wondering where You are. Yet, even there, Lord God, even there, it is good to praise You – maybe even especially there.




Will You help us to become wise people who know how to praise You well?

Wise people know how to say “Thank you,” even when they have to stretch hard to do it. Wise people do good deeds even when that is the last thing they feel like doing. Wise people do not give in to bitterness, cynicism, or sarcasm but choose words that honor, uplift, and encourage. Wise people are naturally generous, offering what they have to others, sharing the gifts they’ve received.

Wise people are “shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves,” knowing how to offer and receive genuine hospitality. Speaking peace wherever they go, they wait upon Your Spirit before they speak at all. When they do speak, they use words that point people directly to You.

Yes, Lord, that is who we would truly like to be.

We readily admit that we are not all that wise a lot of the time. So, remind us to say “We’re sorry,” to admit our frailties and flaws, and to consistently seek to grow into the people You have in mind for us to be.

O Lord, if everyone in this world who says they are a follower of Yours would do this – if we would all admit we are far from perfect, if we would ask for help, and if we would seek to be wise – what a different place this old planet could be!

Lord, will You please begin with us? Soften our hearts, open our wallets, give us words of peace to offer whomever we meet, wherever we go. May we always praise Your holy name, O God Only Wise! Amen.


  1. As you reflect on God’s awesome power, holiness, glory, and might, how can you creatively worship Him with your whole being?
  2. Each day is an opportunity to praise God. Stop right now and gratefully praise God for today’s small, bright gifts.
  3. Read James 1:5, then claim God’s gift of wisdom today.
  4. When you think of God’s greatness and His love for you, what are some small ways that you can pass on that love to others?
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Diana R.G. Trautwein

Diana R.G. Trautwein

Chronic Joy® Contributing Writer & Creative

Diana is a follower of Jesus, wife to Richard since 1965, mom to three adult children, blessed MIL to their three spouses, Nana to 8 grandkids ranging in age from 13-32, and GMIL to one amazing young woman (who just passed her doctoral dissertation in mathematics - hooray!). She has been a stay-at-home mom, a small business owner, a mid-life seminary student and TA, and a pastor for over 20 years. Diana is also a certified spiritual director and a Chronic Joy® Contributing Writer & Creative. Connect with her at DianaTrautwein.com.

I Will Give Thanks

Gratitude is a gift given to us by God. At its core, gratitude is about not taking anything for granted. Living a life of gratitude is about learning to draw near to God, being thankful for what we have, for who God is, and for who He created us to be.

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