Those impacted by chronic illness are all too familiar with isolation, loneliness, and feeling forgotten about. Chronic grief ebbs and flows, but over time we can begin to live well in the midst of chronic pain, chronic loss, and chronic suffering. We are wired for community, so how do we connect with people when we are homebound? For many of us this question isn’t new. However, because of the virus sweeping across the world, for many it is shocking, sobering, and a very uncomfortable reality.

Is it possible that those of us living with chronic illness are uniquely prepared for such a time as this – to shepherd and love our community from a distance? ~ Pamela Piquette




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Writing Your Own Psalm of Lament

These are uncertain times, filled with rapid change and lots of conflicting emotion – feelings we might not recognize as grief. Yet while these circumstances surprise and sometimes overwhelm us, God has given us a beautiful guidebook – the Psalms – to help us process all we are feeling.ย 

Lament is a vulnerable, authentic, honest expression of pain. It is worship. And it is prayer.

Pushing our pain aside, hiding it, or feeling shame because of it, diminishes our human experience. If Jesus wept and cried out in anguish, why do we feel it is somehow faithless to honestly express lament?

Click here for a FREE resource that provides a framework to help you grieve, ask, trust, and praise in the midst of challenging circumstances.ย 


Message, Text, or Email Friends and Loved Ones

#PenToPaper is a powerful way to encourage one another, offer hope, and let a friend or loved one know they are prayed for, cared about, and loved. Use these short, heartfelt messages as a great place to begin. Click here for your FREE resource.

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Serve One Another Humbly in Love

Our hearts are wired to serve, because we were created for community. Discover creative new ways to love God and others right where you are, however you are able.

Click here for a FREE tool to inspire you to serve (from a distance!) in new ways. We’d love for you to share your ideas in the commentsย too! Because we are always #BetterTogether.


76 Questions to Connect You as Couple

Maintaining a healthy marriage is a sacrificial pursuit and a life-long journey.

Fulfillment isnโ€™t something that just happens. It requires honesty and intentionality, commitment and compromise, patience and attention, trust and a willingness to forgive. Love that selflessly gives, beautifully multiplies. When we pursue one another, our love for each other deepens and grows.

Grow together as a couple through these 76 questions – conversation starters for a great night in!

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