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Downloadable Hope!

Fun ideas and activities to encourage and inspire children affected by chronic illness. Check out these FREE printables for children and tweens, and there are always more coming. Step in, check back, download a little hope today.


Chronic Joy offers a wide variety of beautifully designed FREE printables for children and tweens.  And there are always more coming!

Bookmark the page and check back often!

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30 Days of Movement with the Sonshine Squad

Moving out bodies can be such fun, so join the Sonshine Squad, discovering fun ways to move every day for 30 days.

ABC Bible Verses

ABC Bible Verses

ABC Bible Verses are a fun way to hide God's Word in your heart every day. Make a Bible verse puzzle, build a Bible verse book, or practice your verse one minute at a time. Learn! Grow! Have fun!

The Amazing Maze

Do you know how amazing you are? Sometimes things are hard, but there is someone who always has time to listen to everything we have to say, who is OK with our tears and sadness, who is never too busy, and who is always exactly where we are. It's God!

Be Brave! Be Different! Be You!

Be Brave! Be Different! Be You!

Being brave doesn’t mean won’t be afraid or that we’ll never feel alone or misunderstood. We can be brave, because with Jesus we never are alone.

Bee a Peacemaker Bingo

CJ and the Sonshine Squad invite you to Bee a Peacemaker. Choose a square, read the invitation, and spread a little peace, love, and kindness with others. How many squares can you cross off?  Have fun and spread a sparkle of hope everywhere you go!

Bee the Hope ... And Share the Peace

God is our hope. No matter what happens, He is with us. God cares about us, His Spirit prays for us, and His Son Jesus came to show us that God will never leave us no matter what.

Big Feelings & Leading Like Jesus

Let’s learn to spot BIG feelings and learn to be a leader. A leader is someone who helps others do the right things. Do you know who the very best leader is? It’s Jesus!

Bite-Sized Kindness

Jesus is the best at being kind. And He loves it when we're kind. How could you share the kindness of Jesus today? How does it make you feel to be kind? How does it make those around you feel when you are kind?

Bugs in the Bible

Did you know that God’s little bugs and other small creatures are found in His Word? They are! Look up these verses and fill in the blanks.

Celebrate Friendship

Check out this fun activity sheet to encourage our Littles to celebrate the sweet gift of friendship. Siblings and pets can be friends too.

Celebrate with the Sonshine Squad

The Sonshine Squad is getting ready for a celebration. It’s a day to celebrate all the wonderful things God is doing. Why? Because YOU are a precious child of God. God knows you. God loves you. He calls us each by name — and that is worth celebrating every, single day!

Celebrating CJ Star

Did you know that CJ Star was the very first member of the Sonshine Squad? Over the years, CJ Star has gathered a whole squad of fun-loving, Jesus-led friends into the Sonshine Squad.

Color by Number

Coloring by Number is a wonder-filled way to spend a little time on a rainy day, when you’re not feeling your best, to help pass the time when you have to wait patiently, or when your hands just want to color.

Cope-Cakes & Alphabet Fun

Cope-Cakes are a fun way to remember your favorite coping skills. Sometimes it’s hard to be sick or in pain. CJ Star and the Sonshine Squad love to play and explore God’s world, and they’ve created a fun A-Z list so you can play and explore too!

Creative Christmas Activities

Creative Christmas Activities

Did you know the word angel means messenger? The angel Gabriel brought special messages to Mary and Joseph and the angels announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.

Emotions Wheel and Guide • Children

Emotions Wheel for Kids

The Emotions Wheel is designed to help children recognize and name the emotions they experience. As their emotional vocabulary grows, so does their ability to effectively communicate what and how they feel.

Color Your Own - Full Page

Even When I'm Hurting, I Can Be Kind

The Bible says, “[God] gives us comfort in all our troubles. Then we can comfort other people who have the same troubles.” (2 Corinthians 1:3b-4a NLV) What does that mean? It means you know what makes you feel better, so you can help someone else feel better too!

The Fruit of the Spirit

Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit with the Sonshine Squad. The Fruit of the Spirit is: love., joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
(Galatians 5:22-23)

Fun-Sized Photography

Kid-friendly photography challenges are fun, and they're an easy way to express your creativity.

Go on a photo walk or scavenger hunt, notice shadows and light, pick a color and look for it everywhere, or click one picture every day for a week or even a whole month!

Fun with Pen Pals

Did you know that writing helps us become better readers, boosts our confidence, and sparks our creativity? It does! And it can be great fun too. Join CJ Star, Neeley Joy, and Percy Puppy as they learn all about Pen Pals and Paper Airplanes.

God's Amazing Creation for Kids

Did you know that horses and cows sleep standing up or that a group of frogs is called an army? God’s creativity is amazing! Learn to notice and observe. Be curious. Have fun with scavenger hunts! Take a Counting Wonder Walk – and thank God for every WONDERful thing in His amazing creation!

How to Love Like Jesus

We can love like Jesus when we listen, sing, smile, tell a joke, dance, run, pray, and help others. We're also like Jesus when we're brave, quiet, and kind. Love like Jesus by just being you.

Kindness Confetti Cookies

Kindness Confetti Cookies are lots of fun to make and even more fun to share! Ask your favorite grown-up to help you in the kitchen where you can have fun together sprinkling kindness around like confetti!

Meet Flat Henry

This is Flat Henry! He’s on a grand adventure visiting friends and loved ones to do fun things and make new memories.

Meet the Sonshine Squad & 3 Things I Like About Me

Meet each member of the Sonshine Squad then fill in the stars with words or drawings that tell others three special things about you.

Never Stop Praying

Have you ever tried to spend time talking to God and found it hard? Maybe your mind starts to wander, you can’t stay focused, or you get so frustrated that you just give up.

Pint-Sized Prayer Prompts

Pint-Sized Prayer Prompts

The Bible says, "Never stop praying." (1 Thessalonians 5:17)  That means you can pray about anything and everything, everywhere you are, and at any tim eof day, because Jesus is always with you.

Use these prompts to help you talk to Jesus. You can choose a different prompt every day.

Share the Laughter!

Enjoy these jokes and share them with your friends or loved ones. Then flip the sheet over and imagine what it might feel like to live upside-down for a day.

Sonshine Squad Look-For Games

Look-For Scavenger Hunt, Everything You Can Do!, and Letters of the Alphabet are all fun ways to see all the amazing ways God loves us. With each activity, discover ways to say thank you to God.

Sonshine Squad Story Starters & Games

Telling stories can be so much fun! It’s not only good for our brains, but good for our imaginations, too! Did you know you can add motions, sounds, artwork, and creativity to your stories?

Sonshine Squad Story-Writing Tips

We each have a story to tell. You have a story to tell and your story matters. There are many creative ways to tell your story. You can write it, draw it, sing it, paint it, dance it, act it, or build it. Every story is unique -- and every story matters.

Snowflake & Snowman Fun

Have fun learning fun facts about snowflakes. Build your own Snowman Calm Down Jar with a trusted adult.

Valentines (CJ) • Color Your Own

CJ Star and the Sonshine Squad want to share a little Valentine's Day fun with friends and family.

Valentines (Liana) • Color Your Own

CJ Star and the Sonshine Squad want to share a little Valentine's Day fun with friends and family.

Wonder of Christmas

Wonder of Christmas

Did you know the word angel means messenger? The angel Gabriel brought special messages to Mary and Joseph and the angels announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.

Wonder Walk • A Trail Guide for Tweens

Wonder Walks • A Trail Guide for Kids

God created so many astonishing things and He invites us to discover His amazing creativity in everything He created. Wonder Walks: A Trail Guide is filled with fun questions and a great 7 Days of Creation Scavenger Hunt. Look! Learn! Wonder!

You Are So Loved

Do you love yourself like God loves you? Do you live like you’re valuable? Do you live like you’re set free?

You Are God's Masterpiece

You Are God's Masterpiece

Do you know what a masterpiece is? It’s the very best painting, sculpture, symphony, or work of art that someone can create. Some masterpieces are more than 2000 years old and they’re still famous! The Bible says, “We are God’s masterpiece.” (Ephesians 2:10)


Christmas Coloring Sheet

Have fun coloring the Sonshine Squad Gingerbread House. Color a Christmas tree. Add a shiny star, colored ornaments, canes, and Christmas lights.

Find Fun Ways to Move!

The Sonshine Squad loves to play “Shrug, shrug, Ladybug!” Every time they say “shrug,” they lift their shoulders to their ears and choose one friend to be hugged

God's Masterpiece

Jesus Says I Am...

God knows everything about me - my favorite animal, the color of my eyes, my favorite thing to do, how many hairs are on my head, if I'm happy or sad or mad, even the words I will say before I speak, and He loves me.

Under the Big Top

Join CJ Star and the Sonshine Squad as they have all kinds of circus fun "Under the Big Top!" Then it's your turn to create and color your very own Circus Train! Everyone's invited!

CJ Star Stationery

Sonshine Squad Stationery

Storytellers, it's time to tell your story!

Tell your story any way you like. Draw your story, write your story, act out your story, dance your story, sing your story. Be creative and let your imagination shine!

Happy Bubbles
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