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A Gift in 46 Words

She couldn’t have known what a gift it was to see those words slide silently across my screen. “… I saw and my stomach dropped.” My friend saw and noticed, and sent me four sentences. Forty-six words. All gift. “And you live with this every...


Gift in 46 Words - fragrance of eternity, grace poured out

Welcoming Embracing Worth!

We're excited to announce that Book 3 in the Chronic Joy Thrive Series, EMBRACING WORTH, is now available!  Through vulnerable storytelling, inspiring Scripture, insightful questions and thoughtful journal prompts, Cindee invites you to discover...


Embracing Worth

The Gift of Pain (A Poem)

Pain swallows hope whole, quashing anticipation, motivation, and strength as heartbeats tumble through our fingers in a tempest of raging shame. Without hope, we wither, unmoored and disconnected from the Body, depleted. Yet in the beginning was...


The Gift of Pain • Poem

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