Chronic Joy® Testimonials


Your words can be a lifeline of hope.

Your words can be a lifeline of hope for all of us on this challenging journey through chronic illness. Has Chronic Joy® made a difference? Let us know — and extend a lifeline to someone today!

“… grab the promised hope with both hands and never let go. It’s an unbreakable spiritual lifeline, reaching … right to the very presence of God where Jesus, running on ahead of us, has taken up his permanent post as high priest for us …” (Hebrews 6:18-19)

Your words matter. This journey through chronic illness is difficult, isolating, and lonely. We need one another. Your words could change the trajectory of someone’s life today. Be a lifeline.

Tell us:

  • How Chronic Joy® has ministered to you
  • Where you’ve found hope
  • How you’ve learned to serve
  • Why you give
  • The resources you love
  • How you’ve been touched by prayer
  • Where you’ve experienced the life-giving love of Jesus


Hebrews 6:18-19 reminds us to “grab the promised hope with both hands and never let go. “

Why? “It’s an unbreakable spiritual lifeline, reaching … right to the very presence of God …”

There is no better way to love one another than to share your precious story of hope with one another – to be the Body of Christ here on earth.

Your story matters. Let your words become a lifeline of hope today.

Happy Bubbles
{Thank you for bringing so many such hope, joy, and encouragement. When one of your [You Get Mail!] packets comes in the mail, my soul does a little happy dance. I anticipate being renewed, refreshed, and inspired to bless others when I open it.
Suzan B.
Wales, WI
Suzan Braun
{As a child we visited my aunt and uncle often. They lived 6 miles away, my dad and my uncle were in business together and their 2 daughters were the same age as my sister and me. When we visited them there was a door in their kitchen that looked like a door going down to basement. When the door was opened it led down to an artesian spring. When I filled my tin cup and sipped I felt like I was drinking living water.
After I subscribed to Chronic Joy® I felt like you were God's agent for meeting me at the point of my need. Every message I receive from Chronic Joy® nourishes my body, mind, soul, spirit, and heart. I have believed and taught for more than 40 years that there is a spiritual solution for every problem. You have bolstered my conviction that "Jesus showed, both in his teaching and is and in his life, that true joy often is hidden in the midst of our sorrow and that the dance of life finds its beginnings in grief." Henri J.M. Nouwen
Thanks for your ministry.
Larry Miller
Elkhart, IN
Larry and Karen Miller
{I just received your thoughtful gift cards [#PenToPaper - Make Your Life a Prayer mailing] at a time we needed them most! Also, I am journalling in a 'book' prayers we prayed, at different times, "Vineyard of Prayer", and for me this was a sign from the Lord to go ahead! Thank you so very much for being His ambassadors of love.
Rayla N.
Rayla Noel
{I have been so encouraged, touched, and inspired by the audio readings that Chronic Joy offers for posts published on your blog.
Kenna M.
Cumming, GA
Kenna McEvoy
{I appreciate your ministry a lot. It has given me much encouragement as I've gone through chronic pain, and your letters have reminded me to focus on Christ. I also love how you share things to bless others with, such as flat cards and mini- cards. It is a joy to focus on other people and bless them, so I thank you for helping me do that more! 😊
Ashley S.
Stuart, FL
Chronic Joy Ribbon
{Tonight, after a very long day, I finally got around to the mail and in an unexpected envelope [#PenToPaper packet] was the most extraordinary gift and blessing. When you talk about using your trials to minister, serve, inspire, encourage, love … I do not deserve this gift, but I needed it desperately today and God knew I would and He used you … yet again, to encourage and bless me. You have brought me to tears but they were the kind of tears that encouraged me and blessed me and inspired me … to share life and discover hope. Thanks are not enough … but thank you.
Vicki F.
Johnson Creek, WI
Vicki Fitzsimmons
{I think the [accessibility tool] icon is wonderful! As someone with vision problems I have never been on a site that has shown that much concern and care for someone who may not be able to see as well. I think all sites need this!
Erin B.
Ontario, Canada
Erin Burkhardt
{Chronic Joy blesses me through prayer, email, and [#PenToPaper mailings] cards. I have two adult children on the autism spectrum, who struggle to find their place (even in church) in our uncompassionate world.
Karen S.
Knoxville, TN
Chronic Joy Ribbon
{Please accept this gift to help your ministry. Every year at Thanksgiving I give. And this year I chose Chronic Joy. I know it's small, but I pray that it helps someone this year. I've lived with chronic illness for 30 years and this ministry has been the best medicine.
Jennifer C.
Goleta, CA
Chronic Joy Ribbon
{I wanted to thank the Chronic Joy team for the thoughtful, encouraging and challenging Instagram images and quotes. They constantly act as a ‘touchstone’ to the eternal reality we rejoice in amidst the busy online and offline world. I have been blessed by them.
Emily J. Maurits
Barden Ridge, Australia
Emily J. Maurits
{A few months ago, the pastor’s wife wanted to talk to me about my health and I was thinking ... oh no, one more person’s comments that will crush me, and it wasn’t the case at all. She introduced me to Chronic Joy® and it was everything I had been looking for all this time! I didn’t feel alone in my struggles and I felt encouraged, not discouraged. It brought me out of a really hard season and I’m happy to have a small group that I’m leading now to encourage others. We have each other for support and it feels good to let it all out. Thank you! I’m extremely grateful for your ministry. All churches need this ASAP! There are so many people hurting and not getting the kind of support they need. God is good!
Cassie A.
Edgerton, WI
{Thank for the cards and info you sent me to Finland. I received them yesterday just before we had visitors. I shared stories from Chronic Joy®, especially about Bettie G. I felt the lady needed some encouragement, so I have a card and the info you sent. They were returning home to Sweden. Their summer cottage is in Finland. Thank you for all you do for all of us!
Lisa E.
Kaskinen, Finland
Lisa Enqvist
{Chronic Joy has given me a community of faith that has strengthened me and given me support when disease has caused me to be isolated. In addition to the wonderfully encouraging communications I receive by mail and email, I am uplifted by the inspirational messages provided by the devotional blogs and the Chronic Joy Printables and Study Series. The Prayer Pond has not only provided me with a place to request prayer but also a way to actively support others by praying for them. I appreciate the opportunities to still be of service through making donations and knitting Prayer Shawls for Kindness Boxes despite my limitations. I thank God for leading me to the Chronic Joy ministry, which has enriched my spiritual connection to Him and brought me hope and joy. Pamela and Cindee, you are an answer to prayer. God Bless You! ❤
Maggie H.
Charlotte, MI
{Amazed by the care and devotion of Chronic Joy has to serving those with chronic pain. If you are one who deals with chronic pain, you need to look into the organization for a multitude of amazing resources. Thank you Cindee and Pamela for including me on your mailing list. You bring so much joy to me!!
Naphy J.
Campbell, CA
Naphy Joiner
{I received this amazing Kindness Box from Chronic Joy. I will treasure this prayer afghan forever now knowing about the loving hands that made it! Thank you for your loving hearts.
Mary J.
Brookfield, WI
{“Our mail was full of gorgeous flat cards and precious prayer thoughts! Thank you for sharing the heart of Jesus with us all!!”
Bettie G.
Twin Lakes, WI
Bettie Gilbert
{I think it’s a great ministry to the chronically ill -- and audio has been a wonderful addition for those of us who are limited cognitively.
Tammi R.
Charlotte, NC
Tammi Rhoney
{The testimonials and prayers are a good indication of the needs as well as the hope and support you provide.
Lorna Hilyard
Benevolence Board, North Shore Congregational Church
North Shore Congregational Church
{I have started sending #PenToPaper notes as the Lord lays people on my heart. My goal is to send one every morning Monday through Friday. Thank you for ALL of the work you put in…
Barbara Coleman
Bowie, MD
Barbara Coleman
{I personally don’t know of another organization that will just send me a packet to encourage me several times throughout the year. The [#PenToPaper] packets (as well as so much more) make Chronic Joy unique.
Elyse S.
Liverpool, NY
Elyse Ogbourne
{My heart has been heavy and it's been medicine (a gift from God) that I've been able to give to Chronic Joy. I don't see myself being able to do this all of the time, but I've been graciously given a unique situation right now and have been excited that I could bless your ministry. Having Chronic Joy as a type of family is such a gift and anchor in my life that I sincerely thank God for - the Giver of all good gifts.
Melody B.
Copperas Cove, TX
Melody Bollinger
{Congrats on your new website. It is absolutely beautiful and so easy to navigate. I love all the rich content you have on it. What an oasis of hope for those struggling with chronic illness and their families and friends. I know you put so much thought and work into this and it shows. I can’t wait to go on again and l linger through everything. You guys are amazing!!! I know God will continue using this ministry powerfully. You continue to be fruitful in your affliction.
Shelly Esser
Editor, Just Between Us Magazine
Shelly Esser
Thank you for opening a door of hope to me! I recently found Chronic Joy. I am amazed by your website! Once I felt all alone and isolated with no one to talk to about chronic illness and pain. So I sent a prayer request and was amazed people prayed for me. I can't tell you how much it meant as I was going into a new doctor situation with very little hope. Imagine my surprise when my email dinged repeatedly to let me know I'd been prayer for!  Praise God for your ministry and for all you do. You have opened up a door of so many resources, I am eternally grateful - thank you!
Kelli H.
New Franklin, OH
Chronic Joy Ribbon
{I have witnessed the words “you are not alone” so many times on social media, but often the words aren’t substantiated in a meaningful, personal way. It can be painful to see a sentiment uttered while in reality no hands are reaching out with sustaining action to make you feel and be less alone. What I love about Chronic Joy is that they always show up, and they keep showing up for you, on the website, through the mail, through their commitment to making the ministry accessible, and to the personal way they make you feel heard, seen, and tended to.
Jamie B.
Easley, SC
Jamie Wright Bagley
{I just received a Kindness Box filled with beautiful things: a prayer shawl, books, flat cards, and much more. I am truly touched and feel the love from you and from God. I had asked for prayer on here and I thank you for your generosity, encouragement, and prayers.
Laura S.
Chambersburg, PA
Chronic Joy Ribbon
{I am amazed by the birthday #PenToPaper packet I received in the mail! To be seen and loved is a tender gift. I am so grateful for the Prayer Pond I get to be part of and for the constant refilling of flat cards so I can send out more encouragement cards! I love Chronic Joy! Thank God for all your hard work as a ministry. Thank you for reaching the isolated and worn-out.
Sarah I.
Raleigh, NC
Chronic Joy Ribbon
{I was overjoyed to receive the [You Get Mail!] cards and information in the post all the way to England.  It was pure delight and brought tears to my eyes.
Sophie A.
York, UK
Chronic Joy Ribbon
{I received your amazing beautiful [Kindness Box] box of encouragement yesterday. It was such a SURPRISE !! Wow! Your kindness means, oh so much that you would send me all those beautiful things. The [Prayer Shawl] afghan is such a labor of love. I will put the cards to good use. EVERYTHING you sent is so beautiful. The timing of it was perfect, as I am facing yet another surgery. I have been battling terrible discouragement in all that is going on with my health and wondering why God allows SO MANY THINGS to happen to me. I have been dealing with questions and doubts and struggle to have hope. Then, your gift came and I knew it was a hug from Jesus to my soul and I didn't feel so alone. Thank you again, it means more than my heart could express.
Anna S.
Denver, PA
Anna Stoltzfus
{We wanted to let you know what a blessing you were yesterday, and how The Holy Spirit worked through you for His Glory and the encouragement of His People!  It was a joy to see God work through you like that, and to be taught and reminded of God’s faithfulness, even through the storms!!
Job very well done, and thank you for your faithfulness and friendship!
Mark Mallwitz
Servant to Leaders, BASICS in Milwaukee
{Thanks for the notecards and fun print materials! I am working on sending #PenToPaper packets out all the time. It’s an honor and pleasure to work with Chronic Joy® to do this. Thank you for including me in this great endeavor!
Dana Stenholtz
Oconomowoc, WI
Dana Stenholtz
{October is ministry appreciation month, and I offer prayers of thanksgiving for Pamela Piquette and Cindee Snider Re for providing Chronic Joy. Their many tangible resources and personal examples have given me hope of still living a life of value and service in spite of having a chronic illness. Even though I am isolated from a physical church, the Chronic Joy ministry and missions have given me a community of faith that has truly brought me joy in Christ. God bless you, Cindee and Pamela!
Maggie H.
Charlotte, MI
{I love what y'all do! It has helped me tremendously and I am spreading the word about y'all with your flat cards, cards, and by word of mouth! Thank you so much for doing God's work through this ministry!
Ellen D.
Gulfport, MS
Chronic Joy Ribbon
{As a young person dealing with with many chronic illnesses, it can be all too easy to feel isolated. I'm so grateful for Chronic Joy reminding me I'm not alone at all. Scrolling the Prayer Pond, using the Printables, and seeing the daily social media posts all encourage me so much. I especially love the #PenToPaper program. I know how much fun it is to receive a letter or postcard when I'm not able to get out much, and #PenToPaper makes it easy to share the love with others!
Hailey H.
Cumming, GA
Hailey Hudson
{We are so happy that our Thrivent Choice Dollars can help people in need through Chronic Joy Ministry. Chronic illness is very difficult for the entire family.
Susie S.
Port Washington, WI
Susie S.
{AMAZING! I received the mail packet and am grateful and inspired by the amazing ways you - Chronic Joy - are inspired to reach out!  Thank you.
Julie S.
Wauwatosa, WI
Julie Sheridan-Smith
{The mission behind the organization is that of hope. Whether your are in the midst of a medical issue, being a caretaker, or struggling in any other way, Chronic Joy can speak to you where you are. I feel that is a huge blessing to those in these situations. Showing people the love of Christ and that there is hope is priceless, and I enjoy supporting a cause like this because I find that I am blessed in the midst of all of it as well.
Jenni S.
Waukesha, WI
Jenni Steingraeber
{After joining this wonderful community, the LORD led me to begin the small group study with 5 other women who live with illness and caregiving. Praise God I have found purpose in pain!
Lynn G.
Attica, NY
Lynn G.
{Your website is an incredible gift of encouragement and help.
Lee Ann Z.
Salem, OR
Lee Ann Zanon
{Chronic Joy has given me a lifeline. I don't feel forgotten. I have been reminded that regardless of my circumstances, I still have worth and matter to others; most importantly, I can show others that they also matter. I've been given a format for self-expression and creativity that has given me the courage to put #PenToPaper.  I have cautioned those I've told about Chronic Joy not to be overwhelmed by the depth and scope of information that is covered and the excitement that ensues when you know they are cognizant of the trials and hurts that have been your daily walk.
Jennifer R.
Owensboro, KY
Chronic Joy Ribbon

A ministry I support and have benefited from is Chronic Joy. They offer Bible studies, support group materials, and much more for both those with chronic illness and those who serve or care for them. Many congregations have implemented support groups with the tools Chronic Joy provides.

[How Can the Church Better Serve those Suffering from Chronic Illness? Christianity Today]

Dena Dyer
Granbury, TX
Dena Dyer

Thank you for the ministry you all do. I always seem to get a [You Get Mail!] packet from you guys just when my depression is bad and I seem to need it.

Robin L.
Marksville, LA
Chronic Joy Ribbon
{What a wonderful ministry you have. Thank you for making it available to those of us with chronic illnesses. Author of Searching for Sea Glass: Journeying with God Through Chronic Illness 30 Devotions.
Kara P.
Alberta, Canada
Kara Plett
Having a daughter, now 37, who is medically fragile, we often felt the need for a place or a group, where we could share our story. A place where others could relate and understand the daily stress and struggles we face.
Chronic Joy provides such a place. People who deal daily with chronic Illness and understand. It is a group of people who are committed to its mission statement. The support, the prayer, the programs, the resources and the fellowship are a true blessing.
Mike and Mary J.
New Berlin, WI
Mike and Mary Juneau
{May God bless you all for the much needed outreach that your organization and Christian staff do for others.
Shirley D.
Campbell, CA
Chronic Joy Ribbon
{What a beautiful work you do for God and people. May the Lord continue to flourish this ministry. … I love your work and thank God for you.
Melody B.
Copperas Cove, TX
Melody Bollinger
{I am so grateful for the words of encouragement you sent me in your card. The prayers from you team have provided me much support during a very trying time. Your ream at Chronic Joy have inspired me to pray for others - on my good and on my challenging days - giving me a sense of purpose. The materials and stories of hope and perseverance  - through Jesus' love and spirit have been a real blessing to me.
Colette M.
Qualicum Beach, BC Canada
thank you so very much
{Chronic Joy has been a great blessing to me in my journey with chronic illness. When I first was diagnosed with a chronic illness, I searched on social media platforms and the internet, and I had a very hard time finding any kind of Christian presence in the current day-to-day life of those who deal with chronic illness.  When I began blogging in 2016, and I still felt so alone, I came across the newly launched Chronic Joy website. The articles they were posting were such an encouragement. And when I read their first book, Discovering Hope, I knew that I wanted to help their ministry to reach others with the same hope they had extended to me.
Bettie Gilbert
Twin Lakes, WI
Bettie Gilbert
{I’ve been spending time getting to know your ministry. What a blessing for those who feel so isolated to offer prayer, support, sending mail and prayer shawls….. I feel like everything I have learned and the Lord brought me through these last 20 years was to prepare me to be able to offer my support as you minister.
Kimberly C.
Essex Junction, VT
Chronic Joy Ribbon
{I was going through a hard time a couple of days ago and your letters and cards came in the mail. The words were a balm to my heart and spoke to me where I was at. Thank you for your ministry. It makes a difference.
Lori L.
San Angelo, TX
Chronic Joy Ribbon
Happy Bubbles

How has Chronic Joy blessed you?

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Happy Bubbles

I really have no words to express how I feel about your ministry and the kind words that you have sent to my sons.  I am sharing your ministry with so many people who truly need the encouragement and support that you provide and share so freely.

Gina D.

Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

Thanks so much for the wonderful birthday card, blessings and prayers.
Shelia B.

Ellensburg, WA

I just wanted to get in touch to say thank you so much for sending me some more beautiful cards which I have already used to bless others. I live in the UK so I am so thankful that you send these to me and they bring me great joy along with information you include. May God bless you all, working tirelessly to help people disabled like me.

Jennifer B.

Crayford, Kent U.K.

I wanted to first thank you so much for the joy and peace you have brought me as I get back on my feet with chronic illness. I wanted to let you know your love and kindness has meant so much to me.

Stephanie M.

Toronto Ontario Canada

I was part of the living hope conference [Diamonds 2019] and [Pamela] your sessions were awesome. You have a gift for speaking and I was sad when your session time was up! Thanks for being a blessing.

Michelle S.

Alberta, Canada

Thank you so…so…much for all you are doing. We [ Stoney Church] are so excited about this opportunity to study Jesus’ words in such a dynamic way [Chronic Joy Thrive Series]. I pray God will bless this outreach.
In short, I simply cannot find words to adequately express my gratitude to Jesus, to you, and to your your ministry.  We truly are blessed abundantly!
Wendy S.

Washington, MI

I have lived with chronic pain for many years. With our Lords love and through your ministry, I am very ‘hopeful’ about my future. I will continue to follow your website and pray for those individuals who live with chronic pain.

Michael H.

Hartland, WI

Our daughter leaned to me during your presentation and whispered how you used all the words we do to describe her days. Her tears came from the point when you talked about being a burden. She so connected with that even though we reassure her that she is never a burden; it is still hard not to feel that way. … We really appreciate that you stood in front of so many and gave a face and words to invisible chronic illness.

Diane S.

Wales, WI

I just found you on Twitter today, and am so thankful for God dropping your information in my lap.

Joy K.

Terre Haute, IN

This ministry inspired me to create a small group ministry in my church for chronic illness and caregivers. And now I’m in seminary!

Sarah S.

Hurst, TX

I know I am not on my own, that people are here for me, that people understand and care!

Lorna M.

Lancashire U.K.

You might wonder why I am requesting books [Discovering Hope]. Because surely I want to help my people who are suffering for information in Kenya. … I thank God because I have received the books and I promise that I am going to use them and help my people.

Salome N.

Kisii County, Kenya

Happy Bubbles
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