Teens & Young Adults

The teen and young adult years are filled with change.

Chronic illness complicates all of it – independence, education, employment, social activities, dating, and relationships with family and friends. But it can also cultivate both strength and resilience as we learn to navigate pain, loss, suffering, and adversity, discovering what really matters.

Our program grew from our desire to care for our teens and young adults in tangible ways, stemming from a delightful notecard set originally designed by one of our young adult Creative Contributors. A kind word when you are hospitalized, homebound, or having a tough time is a gift, reminding us that we are not alone.

Empathy and kindness can make a big a difference in the lives of those affected by chronic illness. Old-school letter writing is a nearly lost art today, but through our #PenToPaper program, we hope to rekindle it! Our notecards and stationery might just inspire you to share a little bit of old-school kindness with someone on their own journey through chronic illness or pain.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Our Pass It On program is a perfect place to encourage and build each other up as we climb the difficult mountain of chronic illness. Do you have go-to books, blogs, podcasts and more? We’d love to know! Share them through Pass It On and help our resource listings grow!

Teens and Chronic Illness • Your life is changing. Jesus isn’t.

Teens & Chronic Illness

Your life is changing. Jesus isn’t. The teen years are a kaleidoscope of change, especially when living with chronic illness. Yet no matter how much changes, one thing remains the same, Jesus. Hope, encouragement and resources for teens.


Young Adults and Chronic Illness: Rooted in hope. Created to thrive.

Young Adults & Chronic Illness

Rooted in hope. Created to thrive. Chronic illness can make our young adult years feel scary and overwhelming, like we are drowning in details. But what if illness is also an extraordinary opportunity to grow firmly rooted in hope, discovering God’s truth that we were uniquely created to thrive!


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