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Kindness Multiplied

When we are kind and generous with ourselves, we can pour kindness and love overflowing into others. Take time and take care of you, because you are God’s beloved.

Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? (1 Corinthians 3:16)

Self-Care is about faithful stewardship.

We are called to be faithful stewards of our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit in us and also as a vessel for loving one another as Christ loves us.

Scripture calls us to love God in ways we have never loved another human being, including ourselves – fully and completely, every moment of every day of life on this earth.

What might it look like to live into the call to love God and others this way? To love ourselves this way?

Lean into these self-care posts, books, and more and live deeper into your calling as faithful self-stewards. 

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21 Ways to Cope with a Chronic Pain Flare

Chronic pain flares are hard. Practice Esther Smith’s 21 practical, helpful strategies to make them just a little easier. Here are just a few ways:
• Get the Grief Out.
• Make a Plan.
• Set Boundaries and Reduce your Schedule.
• Improve the Moment


21 Ways to Cope with a Pain Flare
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The Whole Life: 52 Weeks of Biblical Self-Care

The Whole Life: 52 Weeks of Biblical Self-Care

Eliza Huie and Esther Smith

Counselors Eliza Huie and Esther Smith know firsthand how important it is to attend to our whole life the spiritual, emotional, and physical facets God created in each of us. This book gives Christians a biblical framework, encouragement, and practical ways to pace themselves for a lifetime of service and love.

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The Self-Care Impact

The Self-Care Impact: Motivation and Inspiration for Wellness

Lisa Kimrey

Whether you’re struggling with low to no interest, a lack of time, a feeling of unworthiness, or always placing your personal needs behind the people you serve or take care of, The Self-care Impact is your solution. This life-changing Bible study teaches how to: realign priorities, initiate change, improve self-worth, and make better choices.

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Mental Health Journal for Christians

Mental Health Journal for Christians: Faith-Based Prompts to Improve Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Cathleen Bearse

Focusing on your mental health can feel overwhelming, but with this supportive  journal, you’ll learn how your faith can guide you to a happier, healthier life. Immerse yourself in Scripture, prayer, and writing exercises that will help you become more resilient and build healthy relationships. Learn self-care practices that will nurture you for the rest of your life.

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The Weekly Self-Care Project: A Challenge to Journal, Reflect, and Invite Balance

The Weekly Self-Care Project: A Challenge to Journal, Reflect, and Invite Balance

Do you have a self-care action plan? Does your self-care routine need improvement? Equip yourself with the strategies and inspiration to take care of yourself–body, mind, and soul–with this 52-week guided journal. Discover thoughtful reflection prompts, inviting questions, beautiful watercolors, and stunning photography to guide you toward a deep contentment no matter your circumstances.

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Breathe- 21 Days to Stress Less and Transform Chaos to Calm

Breathe: 21 Days to Stress Less and Transform Chaos to Calm

Bonnie Gray

Breathe will guide you to start living in the present moment while replenishing your heart with God’s peace. Let these biblically inspired mindfulness techniques create space for you to fully relax in your loving Savior’s embrace as you enjoy your daily rhythms of rest.

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Step into Self-Care

Little Moments of TLC for YOU!

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