Dr. Terry Powell

Dr. Terry Powell

Terry is faculty Emeritus of Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina, and is author of Serve Strong: Biblical Encouragement To Sustain God’s Servants. His website is an excellent resource on depression.



Walking Alongside a Depressed Spouse

  What a husband or wife does or says in relation to a depressed spouse can either exacerbate the symptoms or help relieve them. Dolly, my bride of over 46 years, doesn't understand depression experientially. She's optimistic, outgoing. Her emotions stay on an even keel. She handles...

Intercession is a way of loving others.

8 Tips for Giving Criticism

When you need to confront, especially as one Christian to another, or as a leader to someone you supervise, here are tips I’ve learned from 40-plus years in vocational ministry. Know the conditions for giving criticism. When is it necessary? *Is the person’s attitude or behavior dishonoring...

What are you really living for?

How Can You Tell When Someone Is Suicidal?

Depression that leads to suicide isn’t just the plight of the financially-strapped, unemployed provider of a household, or the teen who’s tormented by bullies, or the retiree who’s weary of declining energy and escalating physical pain. Just ask the friends of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain....

Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him.

6 Benefits of a Leader’s Transparency

Do the positive effects of a leader’s transparency outweigh the disadvantages? A transparent leader isn’t pretentious. With discretion, a transparent leader can share personal stories from his/her spiritual pilgrimage and how the truths being taught affect him/her. In the company of trustworthy...

Call on me in the day of trouble;

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WHAT I’VE SEEN IN THE DARK: A Story of Depression and Faith

by Dr. Powell’s testimony at Columbia International University on September 22, 2014. Used with permission.

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