Donor are the marrow of Chronic Joy.


You are our why.

 Donors are the marrow of Chronic Joy – the voice of hope, the catalyst of compassionate change, and the beautiful spark of courageous possibility.


We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you. Colossians 1:3

From the beginning, our donors have leaned long into prayer, sacrificially offered their hands and hearts, insightfully asked the difficult questions, and selflessly given to build a strong foundation for Chronic Joy. 



{It seems clear to us that God has richly honored the stewardship of what God has entrusted to your care.
Larry and Karen M.
Elkhart, IN
{We are privileged to be able to continue our financial support of Chronic Joy. Having a daughter, now 37, who is medically fragile, we often felt the need for a place or a group, where we could share our story. A place where others could relate and understand the daily stress and struggles we face. Chronic Joy provides such a place. People who deal daily with chronic Illness and understand. It is a group of people who are committed to its mission statement. The support, the prayer, the programs, the resources and the fellowship are a true blessing.
Mike and Mary J.
New Berlin, WI
{As Christians we are commanded to encourage each other! “They (Chronic Joy has) been a wonderful encouragement to me, as they have been to you. You must show your appreciation to all who serve so well.” 1 Corinthians 16:18 This ministry meets the needs of folks who are struggling with any chronic issue. They tirelessly supply us with a myriad of tools to help us on this rough journey, always pointing us to Christ. They are doing their part fully and we can show our “appreciation” by supporting them however God leads… it is our privilege!
Mike and Barbara Coleman
Bowie, MD
{I enjoy giving to Chronic Joy because I love the idea of sharing God’s joy with those who may feel separated from Him because of their unique chronic condition. What I have learned through my own trials is that God’s love and His hope and peace are available to all of us, regardless of our situation. And sharing that message with others also blesses me in more ways than I could have imagined.
Eric S.
Waukesha, WI
{It gives me great pleasure to see my Thrivent Choice Dollars invested in Chronic Joy Ministry, an excellent organization tackling the hard issues surrounding chronic illness.
Don Snider
Port Washington, WI
{I give to Chronic Joy because I feel the mission behind the organization is that of hope. Whether your are in the midst of a medical issue, being a caretaker, or struggling in any other way, Chronic Joy can speak to you where you are. I feel that is a huge blessing to those in these situations. Showing people the love of Christ and that there is hope is priceless, and I enjoy supporting a cause like this because I find that I am blessed in the midst of all of it as well.
Jenni S.
Waukesha, WI
{My heart has been heavy and it's been medicine (a gift from God) that I've been able to give to Chronic Joy. I don't see myself being able to do this all of the time, but I've been graciously given a unique situation right now and have been excited that I could bless your ministry. Having Chronic Joy as a type of family is such a gift and anchor in my life that I sincerely thank God for - the Giver of all good gifts.
Melody B.
Copperas Cove, TX
{My husband and I have given to many different organizations throughout the course of our Christian lives and service. Chronic Joy was so transparent with their desire to reach out, one-by-one, to those in the chronic illness community. And their message of hope and joy in the midst of the hard days was one that we felt an affinity with also. We felt God’s nudge to give so that His message could continue to be shared through this ministry.
Barry and Bettie Gilbert
Twin Lakes, WI


Over the past four years, your generosity has built 10 key programs:


You are the voice of hope to the suffering, the catalyst of compassionate change to those in pain, and the beautiful spark of courageous possibility to those who are feel weary, isolated, lonely, and forgotten.



Together, we serve 9 Circles of precious people:


We pray. We serve. We create. We give. And God ignites.


Your partnership is essential and we are so grateful for you. We are always #BetterTogether.


You are our why.


Your generosity, multiplied by God, speaks hope and ignites change one precious life at a time.



  • Aubrey A. – Hartland, WI
  • Melody B. – Copperas Cove, TX
  • Linda B. – Secane, PA
  • Mike and Barbara C. – Bowie, MD
  • Colleen C. – Staten Island, NY
  • Susan C. – Cedarburg, WI
  • Abigail D. – Baltimore, MD
  • Patricia D. – Mequon, WI
  • Will and Gina D. – Egg Harbor, NJ
  • Ellen D. – Gulfport, MS
  • Kimberly D. – Tulsa, OK
  • Carey and Dena D. – Granbury, TX
  • Carol E. – United Kingdom
  • Lisa E. – Kaskinen, Finland
  • Brian and Nancy F. – Waukesha, WI
  • Vicki F. – Johnson Creek, WI
  • Stephen F. – Garnerille, NY
  • Jeff and Kaila F. – Sussex, WI
  • Diane G. – Wilmington, NC
  • Lynn G. – Attica, NY
  • Carla H. – Pewaukee, WI
  • Tom and Carol H. – Waukesha, WI
  • Jacqueline J. – Gilberts, IL
  • David and Julie J. – Muskego, WI
  • Alison K. – Meath, Ireland
  • Bill K. – Lampasas, TX
  • Jennifer K. – Delavan, WI
  • Colette M. – British Columbia, Canada
  • David and Von M. – Jackson, WI
  • Debbie M. – Okauchee, WI
  • Justin M. – Okauchee, WI
  • Larry and Karen M. – Elkhardt, IN
  • Sherm and Diane M. – New Braunfels, TX
  • Kenna M. – Cumming, GA
  • Deborah M. – Las Vega, NV
  • Laura O. – Mukwonago, WI
  • Julie O. – Spokane, WA
  • Alison P. – Alexander City, AL
  • Lois P. – Bourne, TX
  • Barb R. – Plymouth, IN
  • Sarah R. – Wauwatosa, WI
  • Linda S. – Columbia, MO
  • Richard S. – Waukesha, WI
  • Julie S. – Greenville, S.C.
  • Karen S. – Knoxville, TN
  • Darlene S. – Chewelah, WA
  • Jeff and Sue S. – New Berlin, WI
  • Dottie S. – Grafton, WI
  • Janet T. – Eastover, SC
  • Donald and Maxine T. – Mukwonago, WI
  • Greg and Stephanie T. – Nashotah, WI
  • Adriene U. – Orland Park, IL
  • Randy and Gina W. – Phoenix, AZ
  • Jim and Jane W. – Grafton, WI
  • Donna W. – Ventura, CA
  • John and Megan W. – Fredricksburg, TX
  • Oakwood Church
  • Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

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