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Are you passionate about photography, graphic design, or expressing beauty in unique ways? Creative Contributors invest their time, talents, and hearts in the mission and ministry of Chronic Joy®.

He has filled them with skill to do all manner of work as craftsmen; as designers; as embroiderers in blue, in purple, in scarlet, and in fine linen; and as weavers: as craftsmen of every work and artistic designers. Exodus 35:35 MEV


Chronic Joy® is resource ministry for all those affected by chronic physical and mental illness, built on a foundation of hope, purpose, worth, and joy in Jesus Christ. Community, prayer, story, and the arts are as vital to this ministry as air and water.


Creative expression across the arts is a dream of Chronic Joy® – an opportunity for every story to be shared. If you create – art, music, food, gardens, textiles, clothing, theatre, woodwork, sculpture, design, or photography – however you create, we invite you to link arms with us.

“Creativity is worship insofar as it is, at its essence, a response … It is a romantic response to this Person whom I adore. He is beautiful! I want nothing more than to be in his presence. I love him! And so I sing and I write. If I could paint or dance I would do that as well. I forgive someone who couldn’t care less about being forgiven. I try to reach out across the vast distance between me and my brother or sister. Because it is a response, it does not originate with me. He speaks. He moves. He is beautiful. We respond. We create. We worship.” Michael Card

How do you creatively express your story? We’d love to know!



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Meet Our Creative Contributors

June Caedmon

June Caedmon

Chronic Joy® Creative Contributor, Artist, Author, and Photographer

June is an artist, photographer, and author of four novels. She is an avid reader and enjoys the research her writing style demands. June lives with her family in the Hill Country of Texas, and relies solely on God for her inspiration, wisdom, and guidance.

Barbara Coleman

Barbara Coleman

Artist and Writer

Barbara lives in Maryland and has been in ministry with her husband, Mike, for almost 50 years. In the past, she has led Bible Studies and spoken at Women's Retreats. Barbara has three grown sons and 10 grandchildren. She is a retired floral designer and now spends her time painting. Most importantly she has a devoted husband who supports her and always encourages her to remember the wisdom of her precious Lord.

Julie Jablonski

Julie Jablonski

Chronic Joy® Creative Contributor and Photographer

Julie is a self-taught, still-life photographer, who uses the words soli Deo gloria  to the glory of God alone – to describe her art, and how she longs to live her life. “Sometimes there are seasons in life that are bewildering … especially God’s timing. So I will wait for every bit of beauty He will one day choose to reveal … it will be worth it. Everything He does always is.”

Holly Pennington

Holly Pennington

Chronic Joy® Creative Contributor

Holly is an an artist and writer in Seattle, WA. She is mom to two amazing girls, Maya and Sage, and sweet Golden Retriever, Duncan. A Physical Therapist by education, she and her husband own a physical therapy private practice. When she’s not creating art, Holly loves running, yoga, reading and studying the Bible.

Diana Trautwein

Diana Trautwein

Chronic Joy® Creative - Prayer Shawls

Diana is a follower of Jesus, wife of 50-years to Richard, mom of three grown kids, MIL of three amazing bonus kids, and Nana of eight, who fills her days with delight. She has been a stay-at-home mom, a small business owner, and a seminary student in mid-life, answering a call to ministry while there. After 17 years, she retired, and is now a certified spiritual director.

Diana is continually surprised by grace, challenged by the Mystery, warmed by the Spirit, and grateful for the gifts of life, both the beautiful and the difficult. Connect with her at

God of the Broken Beautiful • A Prayer from Jeremiah 29

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