Sparking Wonder: An Adventure in Awe & Delight

Sparking Wonder

An Adventure in Awe & Delight

All of creation pulses with God’s creativity!

Savor God’s holy fingerprint in every atom of creation. Engage your senses, cultivate curiosity, listen for the Spirit’s still, small voice, and delight in God’s extraordinary creativity.

Creation speaks with an eloquence that compels us to stand in silent wonder before the Creator … Our Daily Bread Ministries.



“We human beings are created with a huge capacity for awe and wonder, to see and know the presence of God everywhere and to delight in it … That sense of delight cascading over the brim of the present moment is at the very center of wonder.” (Fr. Chris Thomas)

Wonder nourishes our souls, inviting us to feast on the inexplicable mystery of the Holy, witnessing God’s fingerprint in every atom of creation.

God’s splendor is … written in the stars. Space itself speaks his story through the marvels of the heavens. His truth is on tour in the starry vault of the sky, showing his skill in creation’s craftsmanship. Each day gushes out its message to the next, night by night whispering its knowledge to all— without a sound, without a word, without a voice being heard, yet all the world can hear its echo. (Psalm 19:1-6, paraphrase)



The trailhead to wonder is an invitation to prayer – slowing down and setting aside our to-do lists, letting the distractions of life slide away, and stepping quietly into the Presence of God.

Lord, open my eyes to the wonder of Your creation. Free my mind from worries and to-dos, from problems that insist on immediate solutions.

I am exhausted and overwhelmed, in pain, trapped in an unpredictable body. I feel unworthy and unseen, displaced.

I look without seeing and move through this world, unaware of Your extraordinary creativity.

Help me to relinquish the illusion of control. Stay my hands and my heart when I strive to do enough, to be enough.

O, God of the wind and the swallow, of the platypus and sea, Spirit Who breathed life into Adam and spoke life into me

How I long to rediscover wonder pulsing through every fiber of creation … through every atom of me. Teach me to be captivated and astonished, to laugh in surprise, to delight in Your creation as I stand in holy awe of You. In Your Son’s precious name, Amen.




Lists are handy, trail-ready resources for organizing thoughts, tracking details, and identifying what we want to learn a little more about. By including a brief description of the object (along with the time of day, date, or season of the year) and a quick geographical location, we develop keen observation skills and learn more about the species, rocks, or land formations that make up our little corner of the world. Trail-ready lists can include the following:

  • birds
  • bodies of water
  • fish
  • flowers
  • fungi
  • grasses
  • habitats
  • insects
  • large animals
  • land formations
  • reptiles
  • rocks
  • rodents
  • sea creatures
  • small animals
  • trees



Questions engage our curiosity and invite us to learn more about God’s astonishing creation. On the trail, consider pausing occasionally to journal your observations.

  1. Which animals, birds, or insects can you identify by name? Which migrate? Which hibernate?
  2. How many flowers can you name? Which ones bloom in spring? Which ones bloom all summer? Which ones attract insects, small animals or large animals? Which ones are drought-resistant?
  3. How many trees can you identify? Which trees flower? Which bear fruit? Can you identify trees by their leaves or by their seed pods?
  4. Which birds do you recognize by song or call? Which can you identify by sight? Do you know what each bird eats? Can you match a bird to its nest or eggs?
  5. Which stars can you name? Which constellations?
  6. Can you identify the phases of the moon? Can you identify a blue moon, blood moon, harvest moon, or supermoon?
  7. How many kinds of rocks can you identify by sight?
  8. How many habitats can you name? Which ones are native to your area?
  9. How many cloud types do you know? How many storm systems?
  10. Do you know how many colors the human eye can see or the extensive audible range the human ear can hear?
  11. Do you know which crops grow best in your state or province?


  • DAILY DOSE OF DELIGHT: Look for the color yellow everywhere. 
  • WONDER OF WANDERING: Walk the same route all year and note the changes at different times of day and in different seasons.
  • GOD’S POIEMA: God’s image is woven into the DNA of every single soul. Look for Him in everyone you encounter.
  • TAKE HEART: Look for heart-shaped leaves, stones, puddles, shadows, pools of light – and those drawn in the sand or sidewalk chalk.
  • AWAKEN AWE:  Look for unique, unusual, or interesting shadows and patterns today.
  • BEHOLD THE GOLD: Take a walk during Golden Hour – the hour just after sunrise and just before sunset when the sun is closest to the horizon. Notice the quality of the light and what you see in a brand-new way.


Trail signs identify routes, provide important terrain details, and include helpful information such as trail difficulty and distance. Biblical trail signs guide our journey through life, provide important details about how we should live, and include helpful tips about mountain-top experiences and long, dark valleys.




Wonder Walks • A Prayer Guide

Wonder Walks • A Prayer Guide

Wonder Walks are an invitation to savor God’s holy fingerprint in every atom of creation, to engage our senses and cultivate curiosity, to listen for His still small voice, and to delight in His extraordinary creativity.

Wonder Walks • Trail Signs

Wonder Walks • Trail Signs

Wonder nourishes our souls, inviting us to feast on the inexplicable mystery of the Holy, witnessing God's fingerprint in every atom of creation.

God's Amazing Creation for Kids

Did you know that horses and cows sleep standing up or that a group of frogs is called an army? God’s creativity is amazing! Learn to notice and observe. Be curious. Have fun with scavenger hunts! Take a Counting Wonder Walk – and thank God for every WONDERful thing in His amazing creation!

Wonder Walk • A Trail Guide for Tweens

Wonder Walks • A Trail Guide for Kids

God created so many astonishing things and He invites us to discover His amazing creativity in everything He created. Wonder Walks: A Trail Guide is filled with fun questions and a great 7 Days of Creation Scavenger Hunt. Look! Learn! Wonder!


Wonder Walking to See God’s Glory

Imagine the leap in my heart as I was browsing the Printable pages on the Chronic Joy website and came across Wonder Walks – A Prayer Guide. The page begins by reminding us “All of creation pulses with God’s creativity.”


"All of creation pulses with God’s creativity." Chronic Joy

Rediscovering Wonder • An Invitation to Be Amazed

Today, take the first step back into the journey of rediscovering wonder. Step outside. Close your eyes. Breathe deep. Relax your shoulders. Feel the sun on your face. How does the air smell? What is the surface beneath your feet?


"Wonder pulses through every atom of creation & through every precious one of us." Cindee Snider Re


The Joy of Photography

The Joy of Photography

NOTICE. CLICK. TREASURE. ENJOY! Photography invites us to rediscover the wonder and beauty of God’s creation – vibrant colors, light and shadows, the everyday and the unusual – one click at a time.


Contemplative Coloring • Coloring your way closer to God.

Contemplative Coloring

Coloring Your Way Closer to God
Contemplative coloring draws us into the presence of God as we release stress, anxiety, and worries. Color your way closer to God and explore your creativity with both vibrant and pastel hues of red, yellow, and blue.


Crafts, Yarn Arts & More

Crafts, Yarn Arts & More

Creativity is engaging with God at the intersection of faith and vulnerability. Creativity is an act of courageous vulnerability, intentional noticing, and patient listening as we explore God’s extraordinary call to create.


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