Pass It On

Pass It On

Make the journey easier for one another.

You’re invited to Pass It On!

Do you know a great resource – book, blog, or website? Do you someone you could introduce Chronic Joy to?

Is there a great book, a go-to website, or a thought-provoking podcast that encourages you in your walk with chronic illness? Would you love to share that resource to ease another’s journey? Through Chronic Joy’s Pass It On program you can!

We will review submissions and as accepted, add them to our website. Pass It On opens the door to community, making everyone’s journey a little easier knowing others have gone before us, blazing the trail and sharing what’s been learned.

Some simple rules: we bend towards encouraging, inspiring, faith-based educational resources. We love Jesus, and while that doesn’t mean every resource on our website is faith-based, it is a ministry foundation. We don’t accept submission about specific medical treatments, products or services, or about specific medical providers.

Do you have a great resource? Pass It On! 

Has Chronic Joy blessed you?

Pass It On and share us with your friends, family, and community. Email or message a webpage that you find encouraging. Forward our latest blog post with a note about why Chronic Joy® is valuable to you. Or how about sending a #PenToPaper note and tucking a FREE printable inside the envelope to introduce us to someone who needs a bit of hope today? Visit our Store to purchase Service in a Box for One and bless others with encouraging snail-mail.

Pass It On - Great Books, Blogs & More


Notecards, Postcards & More

Letter-writing is a vital and life-giving ministry not only to those who are hurting, grieving, recovering, homebound, lonely, ill, depressed, or isolated, but to the writer as well.

Encourage and inspire others by putting #PenToPaper with one (or more!) of our creative notecard or postcard collections. How about tucking one of our professionally printed guides in the envelope?

Support the mission and ministry of Chronic Joy with every purchase from the Chronic Joy Store.

We pray and serve, we create and give, and God ignites change one precious life at a time.

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