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Making a difference one precious life at a time.

Chronic Joy is a global resource ministry dedicated to compassionately serving all those affected by chronic conditions such as chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, and disability by providing accessible, easy-to-use, faith-based educational tools and resources.


Join fellow travelers affected by chronic conditions on this journey through loss and grieflaughter and hope. No matter how dark the days, how wild the storm, or how long the winter, there is hope. There is always hope.



A caregiver’s role can be both rewarding and exhausting, difficult and joy-filled, meaningful and frustrating, isolating and inspiring. Step into hope, find purpose, embrace worth, and encounter God’s joy.



Stigma, isolation, loneliness, and shame often follow a diagnosis of mental illness, but not here. With God mental illness has no stigma. Chronic Joy offers resources steeped in love and grounded in faith. 


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A chronically ill child affects each family, and every family member, differently, often impacting a child’s development, behavior, self-awareness, independence, daily routines, recreational activities, and education. Yet illness can also be a catalyst to building lifelong compassion, resiliency, and faith.



The keys to parenting when chronic illness is a member of the family are prayer; humor; flexibility; acknowledging loss, fear, and other uncomfortable emotions; embracing each member’s God-given worth; and loving one another deeply from the heart.


Chronic Conditions: Chronic Illness, Mental Illness, Chronic Pain & Disability

Chronic Joy Teens


The teen years are filled with change. Chronic illness complicates all of it – independence, education, employment, social activities, dating, and relationships with family and friends. But it can also cultivate both strength and resilience as we learn to navigate pain, loss, suffering, and adversity, discovering what really matters.



Navigating marriage with chronic illness can be dark and lonely It can also be an opportunity to learn patience, forgiveness, tenderness, humility, and sacrifice – gifts of a love forged by fire, a love to celebrate and savor.


Chronic Joy® Access • Opening Doors. Removing Barriers.


OPENING DOORS. REMOVING BARRIERS. Accessibility is an invitation to broaden our perspectives, choosing the simple kindness of including one another, opening doors, and removing barriers.


Living with Chronic Illness


Many feel a deep sense of isolation and loneliness. We at Chronic Joy are here to equip leaders to foster relationships, build community, and guide small groups for those affected by chronic illnessmental illness, chronic pain, and disability.


Step into Community

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From the Blog

“God has reached out to me through this time of pain, immobility, and dependence ... My current bout of illness has provided (rather, forced) the opportunity to step off the busy merry-go-round ... and be still: to sit in silence, listen to what is on my mind, and let God do some healing in me.” Sarah Smith
My True Healing

My True Healing

I am so thankful that through this time of pain and uncertainty, God has moved in my life, healing my soul so I can experience joy even though my physical circumstances have not changed.


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