Esther Smith

Esther Smith

Author and Licensed Counselor

Esther is a licensed and biblical counselor. In 2014, she began writing about her personal experience with chronic pain, and continues to use her website, Life in Slow Motion, to encourage people facing physical and mental illness challenges.

Her book Chronic Illness: Walking by Faith, released in May of 2020. She also self-published two short books But God, Wouldn’t I Be More Useful to You If I Were Healthy? and When Chronic Pain and Illness Take Everything Away that explore how people with chronic illness can approach the topics of grief and loss.

Esther lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, Ian, and their dogs, Bella and Bug.

Serving Out of a Poverty of Health

y  A Season of Pain  A distinct memory is ingrained in my mind of one of my worst seasons of pain. I remember that it was November and my husband was going through an important time at work. He was completing a difficult and intense several weeks of training that would hopefully lead to a...

When we give out of what we have, no matter how small, it is greatly pleasing to the Lord.

Books by Esther

Chronic Illness: Walking By Faith

Chronic Illness: Walking by Faith

Esther Smith

Physical symptoms and limitations change all aspects of life, leading to losses and to unique challenges that are difficult to navigate. Discover encouragement and practical application, showing you how to release guilt and shame, ask for help, balance work and rest, and get through days of difficult symptoms. 


But God, Wouldn’t I Be More Useful to You If I Were Healthy?

Esther Smith

When it comes to chronic pain and illness, perhaps no questions cause more confusion than the ones that arise when you are pulled out of a thriving life of work that benefits the world, only to spend your hours, days, and weeks languishing in bed. It just doesn’t make sense. Why, God? Why would you take away my thriving career when it took me years to get to this point?


When Chronic Pain & Illness Take Everything Away

When Chronic Pain & Illness Take Everything Away: How to Mourn Our Losses

Esther Smith

Chronic pain, illness, and disability take so much away. Sometimes it seems as though they take everything we have ever loved and held dear. Our physical abilities and our jobs. Our current passions and future dreams. Our finances and our friends. Our sense of community and our ability to engage the world in ways we could before.


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