Called to Create Posts

Imagination Fuels Creativity

God uniquely created each of us in His image and with ability to create, if only in a small way. Our God-given imagination fuels creativity. It can help us tell stories to encourage others, bring beauty through words and art, help us work through difficult situations, or to entertain and make someone happy.


"Imagination fuels creativity." Gayl Wright

We Are All Artists

My life is my art, and I express it every single day. God had created an artist within me. It just looked different than other artists.


"God, the creator of art, the ultimate artist--endless in creativity, design, and ideas--led me down a winding road to find the artist hiding inside my soul." Renee Robinson

Creative Gifts: Using Our Talents to Serve Others

Serving others by giving almost comes naturally to me, because my mother set a good example. She loved making things for others, and it gave her great joy. God has given me opportunities to share my creative gifts with others over the past few years. Not only do the receivers appreciate the gifts, but I find joy.


"When we use our talents to give creative gifts to others, we are also richly blessed." Gayl Wright

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