Heather MacLaren Johnson

Heather MacLaren Johnson

Psy.D. and Author

Heather and her husband, Todd, are parents of three adult children adopted from Russia with multiple, invisible, permanent special needs. They live on 44 beautiful, rural acres in Wisconsin. Heather's greatest desire is to help other chronic emotional sufferers understand that no matter how wounded, we are passionately loved by God, invited to walk and work with Him to help others know of His love, salvation and constant provision, for He works best through those who know their brokenness and emptiness, through those who let Him in. Heather blogs at: and is the author of Grace, Truth & Time: Facilitating Small Groups that Thrive.

My Bipolar Daughter

After eighteen years of loving her, of nurturing her since I picked her up in my arms as a nearly six-year-old in that dingy, Russian orphanage outside of St. Petersburg, I couldn’t believe yet another diagnosis would be added to her multiple others.   My dear Anna, meaning “favor”,...

If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31b

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