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Unmeasurable Love and Grace

Because of His unmeasurable love and mercy, God looked down on mankind and had compassion. His grace is widespread and bountiful. He never leaves us.


"God will lavish His grace upon us, enabling us to move ahead and follow where He leads." Gayl Wright

What True Comfort Looks Like: It Doesn’t Whitewash Pain

Because we are assured of eternal life in heaven, we can endure anything in this temporal life on earth. When we know our end is glorious, we can joyfully and willingly live for him no matter what our circumstances. This is true comfort, and it is unchanging.


"When people keep assuring me that I’ll have a positive outcome, it feels like my pain is being dismissed." Vaneetha Rendall Risner

Traumatic Loss • A Story of Survival

Facing traumatic loss is about keeping our sanity and taking care of those who depend on us, all the while deciding how we are going to face this new unwelcome reality. I learned at so many points that I had to look straight at the loss or I could not find comfort.


"The word itself, survive, means to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of hardship or danger." Mel Lawrenz

Chronic Grief is Real Though Not An Illness

Grieving is chronic, though not a disease. It doesn’t just come once and disappear. When you lose someone, you experience a grief that will never completely go away. Grief also comes to those with chronic illnesses. They have had to grieve many losses including some of their dreams.


"May your faithful love rest on us, Lord, for we put our hope in you." Psalm 33:22 CSB

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