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BOOKS WE LOVE Looking for a GREAT BOOK – something encouraging, inspiring or educational? We’ve handpicked outstanding books JUST FOR YOU! When you shop through our Books We Love page, your purchase helps support the mission and ministry of...


Books We Love handpicked just for you!

Get Involved

How has God gifted you? Where do you feel His gentle nudge to love one another? His Spirit’s tug to get involved? We are always #BetterTogether. Use your grace gifts! Get involved in Chronic Joy today.


Get Involved • What are your grace-gifts? How is God nudging you to use them today? Get Involved!

Workout Buddy

When a friend suggested we become workout buddies, I was definitely interested, although not sure how it would work for us. She is a dedicated exerciser, but chronic illness sometimes gets in the way. I might be described as an obsessive exerciser, someone who doesn’t like for anything to get in my way.


"Through being a Workout Buddy, I have become a better and more consistent pray-er for my friend." Megan Willome

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