Melody Bollinger, author, encourager, lover of God, and Chronic Joy's New Prayer Coordinator!

Melody Bollinger, author, encourager, lover of God, and Chronic Joy’s New Prayer Coordinator!




This month, we are sad to say good-bye to a dear soul who has been with Chronic Joy since the very beginning, serving alongside us as Prayer Coordinator, contributing writer, mentor, and board member. Bettie Gilbert has not only spoken life and hope into so many in the Chronic Joy community, but also into co-founders Pamela and Cindee. We are so grateful for her tender and compassionate heart, selfless encouragement, and continual prayer. Though we will miss Bettie, we are very thankful for her foundational investment in the mission and ministry of Chronic Joy.




We are delighted to welcome Melody Bollinger as Chronic Joy’s new Prayer Coordinator.

Melody is an author, encourager, and lover of God, who has been a Chronic Joy contributing writer for the past several months. She grew up in church, and for many years played keyboard for worship. She also worked for many years in church culture and as a corporate executive assistant.

Though Melody loved God deeply in her early years, it wasn’t until after her 26-year marriage ended in divorce (a bitterly painful time) that she came to to the end of herself. God answered her heart cry to know Him as her loving heavenly Father rather than the distant God she’d grown up believing He was. He answered her cry by introducing her to an amazing, God-pursuing, quadriplegic man with an inner strength of steel. It didn’t take long for them to fall in love and see God’s blessing in marriage. They had only five brief years together before God lovingly called Doug home. Yet those five years were life-changing. They set the stage for Melody’s enduring, tender relationship with God and her new pursuit of living life in light of eternity.




Mostly homebound the last four years of their marriage due to Doug’s deteriorating health from an infected pressure wound, Melody discovered a love for writing. Her heart was and is propelled to write about intimacy with Christ and a longing for others to be introduced to that rich life as well.

Melody suffers from chronic IBS, anxiety, and depression, but finds God extremely faithful, patient, gentle, and so very kind. Although she wouldn’t have chosen this current lifestyle, she has learned to be grateful for all it affords. Quieted by the constraints of illness, Melody considers it a gift to know her very real need for God and the growing desire to commune with Him as Divine LORD and Beloved Friend.

The challenges of life have given Melody a special heart for others enduring hardships of various kinds. She considers it an honor to pray for and encourage others, mostly through writing.

Melody has one God-given, happily married daughter who has two adorable rescued dogs. She lives in California where Melody spent much of her life.

After almost ten years in the scenic Texas Hill Country, Melody now considers herself a true Texan. She is the author of the newly published book, LOVED ONE: An Invitation to Feel God’s Love and to Experience His Desire to be Your God-sized Help. 

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