Dr. Terry Powell

Dr. Terry Powell

Author and Professor

Terry is Faculty Emeritus at Columbia International University, in S. C., where he is now an Adjunct Professor in Church Ministries. Terry has a bride of 49 years, two grown sons, one daughter-in-law, and  9-year old grandson. He writes a blog on faith and depression: His latest book is Oh God, I’m Dying! How God Redeems Pain for Our Good and for His Glory, scheduled for release in the fall of 2020. The book tells the story of Dr. Mark Smith (co-author), an effective Christian university president despite suffering daily pain from a near-fatal car accident in 1996. The book illustrates the means of  God’s grace that have sustained Mark and his wife Debbie.

6 Benefits of a Leader’s Transparency

Do the positive effects of a leader’s transparency outweigh the disadvantages?   A transparent leader isn’t pretentious. With discretion, a transparent leader can share personal stories from his/her spiritual pilgrimage and how the truths being taught affect him/her. In the company of...


Call on me in the day of trouble;

Though I Sit In Darkness

Keeping Faith in the Midst of Depression I stand with the rest of the congregation for a familiar hymn. My heart is sad and parched. Mouthing the words takes a Herculean effort. I feel out of place in the midst of so many people with smiles on their faces and praise on their lips. I can’t...


Though I sit in darkness, the Lord is my light.

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Oh God I'm Dying

Oh God, I’m Dying!: How God Redeems Pain for Our Good and His Glory

Terry Powell and Mark Smith

Mark Smith’s story vividly illustrates the debilitating pain stemming from a near-fatal auto crash, and the initial despondency that ensued. Each chapter brims with slice-of-life anecdotes that show his experiences and God's sustaining grace. Discover how Mark’s faith in Christ was tested, and ultimately deepened. This book is for anyone who experiences chronic physical pain or illness, how God redeems pain for the good of His people, and for His own glory.



Serve Strong: Biblical Encouragement to Sustain God's Servants

Terry Powell

Serve the Lord long enough and discouragement or some form of opposition is inevitable. Joy-sapping workloads, feelings of inadequacy, lack of fruitfulness, or battle fatigue from spiritual warfare often spurs God's servants to quit or sabotages their passion. The purpose of this book is to infuse them with biblical perspectives that buoy flagging spirits, boost motivation, and cultivate endurance.


WHAT I’VE SEEN IN THE DARK: A Story of Depression and Faith

by Dr. Powell’s testimony at Columbia International University on September 22, 2014. Used with permission.

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