Service in a Box



If you received our most recent #PenToPaper mailing, then you might be surprised by the extra TLC every envelope received. Until recently, Cindee and I have planned, designed, ordered, addressed, stuffed, sealed, and prayed for each person as we prepared the envelopes, something very precious to us. But as Chronic Joy and our #PenToPaper program has continued to grow (an immense blessing!), we began to pray for more hands to join us.

A Creative Contributor stepped up to design several of flat cards, and then North Shore Congregational Church linked arms with us to stuff and pray for each of our Adult packets!

From the beginning, Cindee and I have understood that we’re always #BetterTogether! When the Body of Christ loves and serves one another, where we are with what we have, we are all blessed.



It was an exciting new volunteer opportunity for a small group. Each box contained everything the group needed.


Service in a box
Service in a Box
I took a box so I could see how this was going to work and if I had any questions… I am so impressed with all your organization and the quality of the materials. What a project that was for you to get everything ready!  As I worked through the assembly, I must say that I felt very touched and prayerful.
Lorna Hilyard

North Shore Congregational Church, Benevolence Board

Service in a Box

Are you interested in sending your own #PenToPaper packets to those you know and love?

  • Remind a friend or loved one they are thought of and cared about.
  • Encourage a lonely neighbor or a struggling co-worker.
  • Surprise a college student with a heartfelt packet.
  • Send a little bit of hope to a fellow illness warrior, weary caregiver, someone who is hospitalized, recovering from surgery, or having a tough time.

We make it easy!

Begin your own letter-writing ministry from the comfort and convenience of your own home, and send a little #PenToPaper love today.


We are blessed to link arms, hearts, and minds with some incredibly talented, Christ-led, and mission-hearted people. We are always #BetterTogether. And together with God, we’re igniting change one precious life at a time.

Introducing BarryA Voice of Chronic Joy, Dee – Facebook Volunteer, and Sam – Creative Artist.

Barry Gilbert

Barry Gilbert

A Voice of Chronic Joy®

Barry, retired from working full-time designing catalog pages, has also been a Children’s Pastor, Curriculum Developer, and Dramatic Presenter. Most days you'll find him working from home, and after work-hours, caring for his wife, Bettie, on her journey with chronic illness. Barry and Bettie live in a small town in Southeast Wisconsin. They take great joy in their weekend coffee breaks together, and are still going strong after more than 40 years together.

Dee Richards

Dee Richards

Facebook • Care Coordinator

Dee is a faith-filled servant of God, with two beautiful teenage daughters who are the loves of her life. She struggles with paranoid schizophrenia and depression, and following a life-altering experienced, dedicated her life to serving God. After working as an accountant for many years, Dee now volunteers at a local nursing home, for Everybody Wins Iowa, and Chronic Joy®. She is also an assistant teacher in the Rite of Christian Initiation as Adults at her church. In her free time, Dee enjoys reading the Bible, historical fiction, and romance novels, walking, and sharing her heart on Facebook.

Sam Re

Sam Re

Creative Contributor

Sam lives at the crossroads of creativity and curiosity, loves a puzzling challenge, and prefers the journey to the destination.

Sam is diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos, eosinophilic gastroenteritis, dysautonomia, a very genetic mutation, and additional challenging illnesses.

Find him at

Note Starters for Difficult Relationships

Note Starters for Difficult Relationships

Difficult people are often hurting, overburdened, and under-encouraged, leading to impatience, anxiety, short tempers, loneliness, depression, and emotional isolation. If we’re honest, we're all difficult people sometimes. 



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