Meet Todd Johnson

We are pleased to introduce you to Chronic Joy Ministry Board Member and Treasurer, Todd Johnson!

DSC_0611Todd Johnson, along with his wife Heather, adopted three young children from Russia in 1996 and 1999. Unknowingly at the time, all three children had been exposed prenatally to alcohol which caused numerous, invisible, permanent disabilities. Todd comes to Chronic Joy with vast experience in the financial investment world. He earned a B.S. in Economics, an MBA, and still works freelance as a CPA. Additionally, Todd has served on multiple ministry and investment company boards. In his free time, he enjoys working with Big Blue, his helping-hand tractor for all horse farm related tasks. In addition to three kids, the Johnsons have four horses, two dogs, two cats and a guinea pig, the very last rodent that will ever live under their roof.

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