Chronic Joy® Ministry PartnersChronic Joy Ministry Partners are partnerships between individuals and organizations who exemplify one or more of our ministry foundations:

  • Hope
  • Purpose
  • Worth
  • Joy
  • Community
  • Encouragement

These partnerships, between artisan, organization, and/or donor, and Chronic Joy, are integral to our mission and ministry. Simply put, we couldn’t do what we do without the vital investment of our deeply appreciated Ministry Partners.

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Introducing Shelly Esser

Shelly Esser

Shelly first learned about Chronic Joy Ministry through a co-worker who had stumbled across a “chronic illness ministry” link on a local church’s website and shared it with her the day before the website was relaunched and the link removed. Shelly immediately reached out to us and has been an invaluable resource and advocate ever since.

Shelly has shared several excellent blog posts with us, and has connected us with a host of outstanding writers, articles, and books. She also wrote and published a beautiful feature article about Chronic Joy in Just Between Us Magazine. Shelly’s partnership is an incredible gift.

Shelly has been editor of Just Between Us Magazine for 25 years, is an author and active member of women’s ministries, and has served on the Board of the Pastoral Leadership Institute. She and her husband have four daughters and a son-in-law, and live in Wisconsin.

Read Shelly’s posts: 

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Introducing Emily J. Maurits

Emily J.M.Emily created the website, Called to Watch, for family members, friends, spouses, neighbors, and co-workers of those who live with chronic illness. She says, “There is nothing easy about watching, for in watching, we suffer too.” Two of Emily’s close family members have chronic illnesses. She writes about life as a watcher, what it looks like, and how to find hope.

Emily says there are two important focuses for watchers, “one is community, the other is God.” Called to Watch beautifully speaks to both.

Read Emily’s posts:

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Introducing Mark Mallwitz

Mark Mallwitz

Mark was president of BASICS in Milwaukee, when he first learned about Chronic Joy in February, 2016. He immediately welcomed us under BASICS’ non-profit umbrella, and while we were thrilled with the invitation, God had other plans, for Chronic Joy received its own 501(c)3 non-profit status just a few months later.

Later that year, Mark faced significant health challenges and stepped down as president, to become a Servant to Leaders, tasked with equipping leaders in both the BASICS organization and the community at-large through encouragement, prayer, listening, and guidance.

Mark not only has a wealth of experience to share, but also a passion for prayer and a deep understanding of Scripture, equipping local leaders through the power of God’s Word.

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Introducing Laurie Miller

Laurie MillerLaurie is a wife of 20 years, mom of two teens, nurse educator, and a patient with fibromyalgia for a dozen years. Laurie has a strong desire to help others live well with chronic illness, because she knows first-hand how difficult that can be.

In the early years of her diagnosis, while raising preschoolers, Laurie searched for spiritual guidance, resources, and practical help in living as a godly wife and mother with chronic illness. Unable to find many resources, Laurie started a blog in 2012, called “God-Living with Chronic Illness,” designed share the encouragement and wisdom she had discovered in the Bible with others a few steps behind her on the journey.
Seeking both friendship and an opportunity to study the Bible with other chronically ill women, Laurie extended an invitation for a few ladies to join her in an online study. The group quickly became “God-Living Girls,” growing from three to fifty women in just six weeks! God-Living Girls now has over 500 women who do life together, pray for each other, and encourage one another daily. 
When we published our first book, Discovering Hope, in 2017, Laurie invited her Facebook community to study it together and the response was overwhelming. Chronic Joy was delighted to provide 80 books to study participants.

Laurie hopes to provide on-going guest posts to Chronic Joy, and to guide those in her community to our many and growing resources. In addition, she is working on plans to pilot a virtual small group via Facebook Video.

We’re excited to partner with God-Living Girls and look forward to how God will grow this partnership.

(God-Living with Chronic Illness is a blog meant for both men and women. To join God-Living Girls, contact Laurie here.) 


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Introducing Terry Powell

Terry Powell

Chronic Joy connected with Terry through an email introduction from Shelly Esser. He’s written several excellent articles for Just Between Us Magazine, and has offered to share those posts with us. Terry writes from personal experience about both depression and leadership.

His blog, Penetrating the Darkness, is shaped by the questions: Can vibrant Christian faith and depression coexist? What are the myths about depression still prevalent in the church? What information, resources, and coping strategies alleviate the burden of chronic depression and instill resiliency as a Christ-follower and servant?

While not a psychologist or physician, Terry is familiar with depression. During his decades in ministry and as a university professor, he has experienced recurring bouts of deep despondency. Terry describes himself as a fragile, desperate, and bloodied soldier of Christ, who marches with a limp, and who by God’s grace, is still engaged in the battle.

Read Terry’s posts:

(Terry blessed me with a copy of his book, Serve Strong: Biblical Encouragement to Sustain God’s Servants, immediately after we connected. This book is now a valuable resource listed on our Leaders page.)

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Introducing Esther Smith

Esther Smith

Chronic Joy Ministry is pleased to announce the our ministry partnership with Esther Smith.

We met Esther in October, 2016. Serving Out of a Poverty of Health was among our first guest posts. Esther’s second post, 21 Ways to Cope with a Chronic Pain Flare, ran this past November. Watch for more posts from Esther, who will also be part of Chronic Joy’s curation team when we unveil our Pass It On program in the new year. 

Esther started her blog, Life in Slow Motion, in November, 2012, to process her chronic pain and connect with others in similar situations. Meeting others with chronic pain changed Esther’s life. She no longer felt so isolated and alone and it opened her eyes to a community of people who were supporting and encouraging one another.

Over the years, Esther’s blog has grown to be less about her personal experience with pain and more about helping those in pain to connect with one another. She draws on her professional experience as a licensed counselor to develop resources to address the physical, spiritual, and emotional impact of chronic pain.

In 2016, she published two booklets, But God, Wouldn’t I Be More Useful to You If I Were Healthy? and When Chronic Pain & Illness Take Everything Away: How to Mourn Our Losses, to help those living with chronic pain to work through their grief and address the topics of work and service.  

Recently, Esther has developed classes for people with chronic illness and pain and has started a Facebook support group. In addition, she offers in-person Biblical counseling to people near Baltimore, Maryland.

Esther’s heart for people, her willingness to serve, and her expertise are a great addition to the Chronic Joy community as together we sow seeds of hope, purpose, worth, and joy.

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More Posts From Pamela

Gratitude Through Prayer

Paul changed the world when his lens was altered by his physical limitations. God not only used Paul’s illness and grew his prayer life, but He did so much more in, with and through Paul’s weakness, for in weakness, it is God’s strength that shines through.


"I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers." Philemon 1:4 NIV
Pamela Piquette

Pamela Piquette

Executive Director and Co-Founder of Chronic Joy®

Pamela, a leader and a visionary following God's call to inspire those affected by chronic illness, mental illness, and chronic pain, believes that every precious life affected by illness is both vital and purposed.

Pamela is the mom of three married children, grandma of four, and wife of more than 30 years. She is diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos, chronic migraines, and a host of other chronic conditions. She enjoys hot tea, reading and walking her teddy bear dog, Cocoa.

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