I don't ever want to miss the beauty in the moment.We’re delighted to officially introduce you to Julie Jablonski, Chronic Joy Contributing Artist, and someone whose beautiful images have been quietly popping up on our social media sites for the past few months.

Julie is a Christ-follower, wife of 28 years to the love of her life, mom to a son and a daughter, both in their twenties, an amateur photographer, forever seeking the Light, capturing bits of beauty and glimpses of God’s glory to share all for the glory of God – soli Deo gloria.
Julie JablonskiJulie has a huge heart for Jesus that is continually captivated by the work of His hands in all of creation and in the hearts of her fellow man. She’s been writing poetry for many years, poetry that often flows out in the form of prayer. She loves to read and write and also currently works at a law firm.
You can find Julie on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, on her blog, and from time to time at beautiful Bella Grace Magazine, where this spring, Julie wrote, “I will turn 50 this year. It’s the age I could never imagine myself being when I was younger. Fifty is a seeming eternity away when you’re eight years old, but now, here I am able to say I’ve been blessed with life for half a century. There’s nothing I’ve done to make it this far, it’s all amazing grace that my head is now being crowned with silver. Here are some words I wrote about it a few years back. . .
I’m beginning to embrace these silver-gray strands in my hair.
Reminders of life lived so far
And wisdom that comes with years.
Isn’t silver something precious?

I don’t want to miss the beauty in this moment. 
None of these moments are ever a promise,
But each, a precious gift from the One
Who is painting silver-beauty into my life.
“I pray that something here will inspire and turn your thoughts toward eternity. Because as beautiful as this place can be, it is not our true home. Deep inside the beating of every human heart is the longing for more…for what we’re truly made for…and that can only be found in the Maker Himself.

jbu_200-5CINDEE SNIDER RE is wife of 25 years to the man she loves most in this world, mama of five world-shaking creatives (16-25), author, photographer, craver of quiet, and lover of cotton, denim, Jesus and tea. And she is co-founder of Chronic Joy Ministry, Inc. Cindee and four of her five kids have Ehlers-Danlos, dysautonomia and myriad co-existing conditions.