CJTogetherDoSoMuchJeff began his partnership with Chronic Joy Ministry as we took our first fledgling steps, answering technical questions, helping when needed, and most importantly teaching us so we can grow.

Jeff’s passion for serving behind-the-scenes began when he was quite young, using his gifts and growing abilities across a wide array of audio/video teams at his church, making all things technical work seamlessly and smoothly.

JeffJeff and his wife Katie faithfully invested in Chronic Joy as our first monthly financial supporters, even before we knew what we were all about.

Jeff has been instrumental in:

  • purchasing domain names
  • pursuing Google Apps for non-profits
  • ongoing web support
  • many vital, strategic, behind-the-scenes places in the technical world

21077786_1731382430225670_2162173792275842135_nWithout Jeff’s knowledge and expertise, we simply couldn’t do all we do today.

Jeff will continue to serve as Chronic Joy’s Information Technology Consultant as we move to a self-hosted website in 2018. 

His patient, unruffled demeanor and willingness to serve, faithfully and quietly behind-the-scenes continues today with his church, with Chronic Joy Ministry and with his family.

Jeff is a quiet, thoughtful, dedicated husband, father, son and IT professional, and we are deeply grateful for his continued investment in Chronic Joy.



PAMELA PIQUETTE is the mom of three adult children, grandma of two sweet baby granddaughters, and wife of 30 years. She has Ehlers-Danlos, chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, and dysautonomia.

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