Introducing Mary Juneau

We are pleased to introduce Mary Juneau, Chronic Joy Ministry’s ninth and final board member. Mary’s acceptance completed our inaugural Board of Directors, who will meet on July 21st to dream, plan, pray and begin to give form and structure to our growing little ministry. We have come so far in just six short months. Grace upon grace upon grace.

MaryJuneauHeadshotMary Juneau is a wife of 52 years, mother of four adult children and grandmother of six delightful, precious grandchildren “who are growing up way too fast.” Mary has been blessed to be a stay-at-home mom, serving over the years in numerous volunteer positions at church, at school and in the community. Mary has served as PTA President, Chair of Committee of 100, on her church’s Board of Elders, and as Head of Christian Education. She has taught Sunday School, served as a librarian assistant and health room volunteer, and “loved co-leading Bible studies for women’s ministry.”

Mary and her husband Mike have fostered over 20 pre-adoptive infants. When Samantha entered their lives as one of the foster infants, very medically fragile, a whole new world of advocacy opened up for Mary. Samantha needed someone to advocate for her with physicians, the county, the state, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and later Froedtert Hospital, to help others recognize her as a person, not just a complex medical record.

Mary was appointed by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services Secretary to serve as a Medicaid Recipient Representative to the Homecare Provider Committee, and later served as a liaison between committees.

In her early fifties, Mary was diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma, a chronic autoimmune disease, which added a new twist to the juggling of doctor appointments, medications and energy.

Currently, Mary’s days are busy coordinating Samantha’s care, hiring nurses and managing doctors appointments as Samantha becomes a survivor of more complex medical issues. Mary says, “I am grateful for everyday Sam is still with us. I am learning to trust that God is in control, that He does have a plan. I have been so blessed with a supportive husband and understanding children, who are a great help in many areas of life. All praise and glory to our God!”

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