Grace, Truth & Time: Facilitating Small Groups that Thrive

Grace, Truth & Time


A valuable resource for leaders. Learn to lead through God’s grace; create a space for spiritual growth and healing; empathize, listen and engage with those in pain; grow in prayer and compassion; foster hope and encouragement; build small group communities that thrive.

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Free Printables

Build An Illness Ministry

Build an Illness Ministry

This practical guide walks you through the first steps toward building a chronic illness small group.

Small Group Roles

Small Group Roles

This downloadable PDF provides helpful tips for organizing your small group and defining group roles.


Creative Ways to Connect

Looking for creative ways to connect with others as you unpack the Chronic Joy studies? This FREE printable does just that and more!

Small Group Policy

This useful tool provides a framework for grace and peace in chronic illness small groups. SMALL GROUP POLICY

Books from Chronic Joy

Discovering Hope • Beginning the Journey Toward Hope in Chronic Illness

DISCOVERING HOPE: Beginning the Journey Toward Hope in Chronic Illness

Cindee Snider Re

This 10-chapter study invites participants to experience radical hope and compassionate change in a life with chronic illness.

No matter how dark the days, how wild the storm, how deep the valley, or how long the winter, there is hope.

There is always hope.


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FINDING PURPOSE: Rediscovering Meaning in a Life with Chronic Illness

Cindee Snider Re

What if purpose looks different than we believe?

This 10-chapter study invites participants to release cultural and traditional definitions of purpose, and instead, to embrace God's - a timeless definition rooted in His Word and as refreshing as a gentle spring rain.


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EMBRACING WORTH: Understanding Your Value in a Life with Chronic Illness

Cindee Snider Re

This 10-chapter study powerfully reminds us that our value isn’t found in what we can or cannot do, but in Christ alone. Regardless of what we’ve lost through chronic illness, this isn’t the end of our story, for in spite of our circumstances, in the midst of the hard, when we’re not sure we can take even one more breath, God is still good.


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I TAKE YOU IN SICKNESS & IN HEALTH: Marriage with Chronic Illness

Cindee Snider Re


This insightful and enriching 10-chapter study, designed just for couples, offers you and your spouse a safe place to grieve, heal, grow, and begin to dream together again – to thrive as one – in sickness and in health.


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Grace, Truth & Time Testimonials

GRACE, TRUTH & TIME is both practical and beautifully written. Aptly titled after three qualities God uses to bring about spiritual growth, this guide offers insightful, concrete tips for every type of leader — from the first-time facilitator to the seasoned group leader. How refreshing to read a guide that emphasizes how connection with God, others and self can lead to hope and healing. As a companion resource to Chronic Joy’s THRIVE series, GRACE, TRUTH & TIME is the perfect resource to help get your group started.


Licensed psychologist, author of Playdates with God: Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown Up World

GRACE, TRUTH & TIME is a well-thought-out, prayed-over resource that could help transform your life!


Servant to Leaders, BASICS

Is it daunting to start a new ministry? Absolutely. Is it difficult to reach out to the chronically ill? No, thanks to GRACE, TRUTH & TIME. Through this incredible resource, Dr. Heather Johnson leads anyone with a willing heart into wise, scriptural and empowering ministry to the suffering.


Author of Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers

GRACE, TRUTH & TIME is a valuable resource for leaders.


Minister in The Salvation Army, UK

Grace, Truth & Time is a companion resource.
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