Emily J.M.

Emily J.M.

Emily works in healthcare and believes we are all called to love suffering people, because that’s what Jesus did. She is passionate about equipping and encouraging others to do just that, and is the author of the website As well as uncovering God’s presence in lives filled with disease and disability, she enjoys running, reading, writing fiction and reflecting on life at

The One Rule of a Chronic Illness Diagnosis

How do you respond when a family member or friend is diagnosed with a chronic illness? How can you support them in their grief? Do Not Judge - It's a Mindset, Not A Method There are many practical, emotional, and spiritual ways you can (and should!) love and care for them – but there’s one...

When Chronic Illness Affects Relationships – Part 2

Relationships with chronically ill people, whether they are partners, friends, or family members can be difficult. It’s easy to feel frustrated and begin to resent them. In Part 1, I mentioned that perhaps we need to admit it’s difficult and carry on. But that’s not a tangible answer … Chronic...

when chronic illness affect relationship, part 2

Help, Chronic Illness is Affecting my Relationships – Part 1

I hate my chronically ill family member. Have you ever thought the above sentence? Maybe not in those words. Substitute ‘hate’ for one of these: dislike am frustrated at disapprove of am annoyed with would like to strangle Does the sentence ring true for you now? Has it ever? If so, this post...

Chronic illness is affecting my relationships.

My Chronically Ill Spouse, Friend, or Family Member Hates Me

My chronically ill spouse, friend, family member hates me … and I’m beginning to suspect that I hate them back.These are BIG words.Painful, awful words.But so is being hurt by someone you love. Dislike just doesn't do it justice.When we’ve invested a lot of time and emotional energy into a...

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