Discovering Hope – The Book

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DISCOVERING HOPE is an invitation to experience radical hope and compassionate change in a life with chronic illness.

No matter how dark the days, how wild the storm, how deep the valley or how long the winter, there is hope.

There is always hope.

DISCOVERING HOPE is a powerful, practical, insightful and well-written guide for all those affected by chronic physical and mental illness.

Embrace a new perspective. Celebrate the small victories. Wrestle with difficult questions. And learn to laugh again. Often.

No matter what today looks like, there is hope. Your journey begins with the very first page.

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DISCOVERING HOPE is a powerful, practical resource. Folks with chronic illness – like me – will find hope and help within its well-written, honest devotionals, thoughtful study questions and journaling prompts, and inspirational quotes.” DENA DYER, author of Love at First Fight, Wounded Women of the Bible, 25 Christmas Blessings, and more.

“This is a Bible study the world has been needing. It fits many chronic conditions, not only illness.” MEGAN WILLOME, author of The Joy of Poetry

DISCOVERING HOPE points to hope and joy -hope and joy for people living with chronic illness and the people who love them. No matter what daily life may feel like, God has not forgotten us, we are not alone, and we are not invisible to Him. On every page, this book reminds us of those life-affirming facts.” SHEILA LAGRAND, author of Remembering for Ruth.

“I cannot say enough about the study DISCOVERING HOPE. Here’s a study written by a woman who has lived, learned and is now sharing her strategies and perspectives for finding not only hope, but her voice despiet the many challenges life has thrown her way. This study will help you find a new perspective as you face each day. It will help you embrace the small victories and it will grow your confidence as you are encouraged to share more of yourself and your own story with others as we come together in unity as the Body of Christ. I not only recommend this study to those suffering with chronic illness, but for anyone who loves someone with a chronic illness.” MICHELLE GILES MORGAN, survivor of cancer and life, living with chronic illness

I recommend DISCOVERING HOPE, because it helps a person navigate through experiences of chronic illness by walking a path of faith. It is written by people who truly understand what it is like to live with chronic illness, and who genuinely and kind-heartedly want to help others who share this journey. It not only brought tears to my eyes, but also allowed me the chance to laugh. It helped me find joy in my chronic illness journey, allowing me to feel a sense of belonging.” HEIDI PETERSON, BSN, Heart Mom

“Life is hard enough as it is, but when you factor in a chronic illness, it becomes an endless battle just to get through each day. How comforting it is to find a book and author who is battling along right beside you, sharing her insight and pointing you toward the only Hope there is for your weary body and soul.” GINA QUINT

“I’ve never found a Bible study quite like this one. It is well written, well thought out by one who knows chronic pain. Cindee has a heart full of joy and compassion. DISCOVERING HOPE will be a blessing to you.” DIANE SCHRAUGER McELWAIN

“After losing our son to sudden cardiac death at age 32, our grief was overwhelming. That was 15 years ago. When we read DISCOVERING HOPE, we realized it could also help us deal with our grief. This is the first study that helped answer our many questions. We highly recommend it to anyone dealing with this chronic issue too.” DON and SUSIE SNIDER

DISCOVERING HOPE is a beautiful guide to exploring your journey with Christ through chronic illness.” RACHEL THIEL, DPT, OCS

“DISCOVERING HOPE offered me insight into what the people I call family have gone through while living with chronic illness. I may not always see it on the outside, but this study really opened my eyes to what they endure on the inside. It revealed the great amount of strength, faith, and hope God has instilled in them.” SAMANTHA ABBATE

“DISCOVERING HOPE (and Chronic Joy Ministry) has given me hope as I’ve come to terms with a life of chronic illness and pain. Through the pages of this book, Cindee shares her heart and stories. As I read, I felt as if she fell into step alongside me and provided support, arm-in-arm. I feel ready to take the next steps toward healing by trusting God’s purpose for me in this new path for my life.” GINA WEEKS

“Such grace to be able to view your pain as an avenue on which the soul can grow. DISCOVERING HOPE walks you down that path.” DONNA CHURCHILL, author of His Relentless Pursuit and Strength of My Heart

“‘The physician should not treat the ailment, but the patient who is suffering from it.‘ Dr. Maimonides; 1135-1204 A.D. Physicians generally can’t afford that kind of time, but our Great Physician gives it freely. DISCOVERING HOPE will get the conversation going – the one that offers you Chronic Joy!” MARY CASEY

“I would recommend DISCOVERING HOPE to all those who are living with chronic illness or suffering in any way as it brings the weary soul to the wellspring of life. The hope, joy and peace woven throughout these pages will bring each reader to a place of complete trust in the One and only Savior and Lord.” STEPHANIE TODD, educator and personal trainer

“In the midst of chronic pain and illness, it can be challenging to keep an upright attitude and hold a Biblical focus. DISCOVERING HOPE guides the reader through passages and questions to turn eyes and hearts fully to Jesus and his healing love.” JAN VANKOOTEN

“To be quite honest, I was looking for a Bible study when Cindee posted a chance to read and offer feedback on DISCOVERING HOPE. I found more than I was looking for. This is a must read for anyone. Not everyone has chronic illness, but we are all touched by people who do. DISCOVERING HOPE is a whole new, honest, open, fresh way to look at illness from the perspective of having it or caring for those who do. Practical and Biblical tips on how to help others or ask for help while in the middle of pain. Laughter and hope amidst the pit. Love how authentic DISCOVERING HOPE is in so many ways.” SANDIE LOVRIEN

“Learning how to live joyfully when your days are painful is a choice and a gift. DISCOVERING HOPE will guide you through the work of change that can have a lasting impact on your life. A change in perspective, gratitude, attitude of the heart, and joy in the moment is possible with God. Let Cindee walk you through what has been her own painful journey to joy. KELLY GREER

DISCOVERING HOPE is a treasure trove of nuggets of wisdom – the real, authentic, raw stories of a woman affected by chronic illness. Although chronic illness is the underlying theme, this book is for anyone who has at one time or another found him/herself in a place of hopelessness. As I read through each page, I was touched with such emotion as I gained life-changing perspective and revelation of the hope that is easily within reach.” JENNIFER CAREY CRUSE

“Lean into the precious truths embedded here and find your way into the only hope that will not disappoint.” MONICA KAYE SNYDER, writer and chronic illness warrior

“It has been interesting watching from the sidelines as DISCOVERING HOPE has come to life. Not only has this book come to life, but my wife Cindee has as well. I have seen firsthand what it means to be called to a higher purpose by God. From day one, Cindee said, ‘This isn’t about me. This is about God and what He’s calling me to do,’ evidenced by the fact that she was meeting with people and doing things completely out of her comfort zone. As I watched, I saw a different person emerge from within her, a person alive with clear purpose and meaning at a whole new level. It was beautiful to watch and I am so proud of her. There were no shortages of challenges along the way, but in every case, God opened doors and brought the right resources to bear – people with the right skills and open hearts, willing to review, edit and offer feedback. It’s been amazing to see God breathe life into DISCOVERING HOPE. I can’t wait to see how He will use it!” TONY RE

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