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Chronic Joy Ministry offers a awareness materials for chronic illness, which highlight the significant impact of illness on every aspect of life -marriage, family, faith, finances, friendships, education, hobbies and work.

FREE printable Chronic Illness Awareness Fact Sheet creates awareness, grows knowledge and supports education in a quick and easy format with those in your sphere of influence – friends, family, churches, small group communities, co-workers and neighbors.

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Begin the conversation with the question, DID YOU KNOW?

And you will be changing the landscape for half the world’s population living with at least one chronic illness, because the statistics show that either you or someone you love is affected by chronic illness – far more people than most realize.

Together, as we raise awareness, let’s also remember that while chronic illness is hard, there is hope.

chronic illness awareness and facts
Chronic Illness Awareness and Facts


  • Chronic illness affects nearly 1 in 2 people, approximately 155 million people in 2018. [1]
  • Invisible illness characterizes approximately 96% of those with chronic illness. [2]
  • 2020 projections estimate 157 million people will have a chronic condition, with 81 million having multiple chronic conditions. [1]
  • 2030 projections estimate 171 million people will have a chronic condition, which may be more than 50% of the population. [3]
  • About 31% of adolescents suffer from at least one moderate or severe chronic condition. [4]
  • Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC) – Almost 1/3 of the population lives with more than one chronic condition. [5]
  • The healthcare needs of people with MCC are often complex. [6]
  • 71% of all health care spending in the US goes towards treating people with MCC. [6]
  • Although MCC affects a large percentage of working-aged Americans (49% of those aged 45-64), prevalence increases with age – 80% of people 65 and older live with MCC. [6]
  • As the US population ages, and people live longer, the number of people with MCC is expected to continue to grow. [6]

FREE Printable – Chronic Illness Awareness Fact Sheet


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