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Walking For All I’m Worth

I’m waking up earlier than ever before in my life (I’m a night owl and SO not a morning person!) and I’m usually out of the house about 7 or 7:30 am. In many ways, those walks are a highlight of my day. They’re also good for me — in every way I can think of.


"I often have my longest prayer times when I’m walking." Diana Trautwein

Biking as Physical and Spiritual Disciplines

Biking is much more than just a way to get around, says the executive director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches. In her new book, “Holy Spokes,” she writes about the way that urban cycling has led to an urban spirituality as well.


"Part of the spiritual discipline for me is to learn to love it all, not just the landmarks and the showpieces but the precious and beloved lives of each person in every house behind every door." Laura Everett

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