Living Sacrifice

Living Sacrifice

What place does 'sacrifice' have in the modern world? The Bible says it is central - and that sacrifice is not only a vital key to the future, it is the essence of a Christian's life, today. Dr. Helen Roseveare skillfully weaves stories of sacrifice together with Christian teaching on the subject to show you how sacrifice is the key to joy.

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About the Book

Dr. Helen Roseveare draws from her years as a missionary in Zaire to vividly illustrate the biblical cost of discipleship. From the horrors of captivity during warfare in Zaire to facing the experience of no longer being needed at the mission station, here is a candid, honest look at what a life totally yielded to God ultimately means

Genres: Chronic Illness, Story
Tag: Inspirational
Publisher: Bethany House Pub
Publication Year: 1980
ASIN: 0871239574
ISBN: 0871239574
List Price: $10.99
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