You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. ~ C.S. Lewis

Books to Encourage and Inspire at Your Fingertips

When the difficult journey of chronic illness enters our lives, books can quickly become some of our best friends. C.S. Lewis wrote, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to satisfy me.”  While book length and number are negotiable, the kinds of books we read and interact with is important. Places, ideas, and circumstances woven throughout the pages of a book can offer hope, encouragement and inspiration on dark days. For example, contemporary missionary story, Living Sacrifice by Helen Roseveare, challenges the idea that chronic illness doesn’t diminish our capacity to love, teach, preach, counsel, write, and speak, but instead, opened Roseveare’s heart to a ministry of presence and purpose deeply impacting the Kingdom of God on earth.

While the internet offers much information about illnesses, medications, supplements, treatments, and current research, when Chronic Joy Ministry began, there was no place at-our-fingertips to find resources, books, or tools designed to educate, encourage, and inspire hearts, minds, and souls on this difficult journey. Long before we understood where God was leading Chronic Joy, we personally understood the need for an easy-to-navigate hub for hope-filled resources. For almost two years, we have been working to develop a method for our community to join us in sharing these kinds of resources, specifically books that have made our journeys through chronic physical and mental illness a little bit easier.

Often, our favorite go-to books are like our “best kept secrets,” that we rarely Pass It On to fellow travelers. Today, you can help us change that!


Together in Community – Sharing Life, Discovering Hope


Over the years, it has brought us great joy to share our own “best kept little secrets” with you. And recently, some of you have begun sharing some of your own favorite books with us. Even more exciting! That’s the heart of our Pass It On program. As you share your favorite resources with us, and we approve it (essentially giving it our Chronic Joy Seal of Approval), we add it to our website, making it available to the entire Chronic Joy community.


Why Is This So Important To Us?


Because community is at the heart of Chronic Joy. We are always better together! As we each share what has encouraged, inspired, or strengthened us, we invest in one another, offering fellow pilgrims a helping hand, a creative way to continue to serve with chronic illness –  each little loaf and fish making a vital difference.


A Quick Website Tour


Whether you are a leader, a caregiver, a spouse, a parent, someone with illness, or you wear several hats, we have handpicked books, blogs, tools, and websites just for you. As you scroll through Our Programs, you’ll find a wide variety of helpful and encouraging resources, and free printables. Visit our Store and you’ll find books published by Chronic Joy as well as the beautiful notecards we send directly from our office.

Each webpage, program, book, resource, and notecard on our site has been curated with our growing community in mind. It’s our hearts’ desire to provide you with an inviting, easy-to-navigate website filled with go-to, at-your-fingertip resources to encourage and inspire you as you learn to thrive in a life with chronic illness.

We invite you to stop by today and visit often!


Looking for a GREAT BOOK – something encouraging, inspiring or educational? We’ve handpicked outstanding books JUST FOR YOU!

When you shop through our Amazon link and discover a great find, your purchase helps to support the mission and the ministry of Chronic Joy. As an Amazon affiliate we earn a little from each purchase at no cost to you.

Most of our website pages have books specific to that topic, but for a full list visit: Books We Love. Also, check out our Treasures page for book recommendation for grief, poetry, prayer, and so much more.


Is there a great book, a go-to website, or a thought-provoking podcast that encourages you in your walk with chronic illness? Would you love to share that resource to ease another’s journey? Through Chronic Joy’s Pass It On program you can!

We will review submissions and as accepted, add them to our website. Pass It On opens the door to community, making everyone’s journey a little easier knowing others have gone before us, blazing the trail and sharing what’s been learned.

Some simple rules: we bend towards encouraging, inspiring, faith-based educational resources. We love Jesus, and while that doesn’t mean every resource on our website is faith-based, it is a ministry foundation. We don’t accept submission about specific medical treatments, products or services, or about specific medical providers.

Do you have a great resource? Pass It On!

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