Board of Directors

jbu_168-5Pamela Piquette, President and Co-Founder, wife of more than 30 years, mother of three and grandmother two little granddaughters, whose work experience includes: banking, branch management, marketing, and development of comprehensive training programs. She has served in a variety of ministries within her church including: leadership of a new moms’ group, organizing training events, developing a curricula team for Men’s Ministry, and eventually joining the staff of No Regrets Men’s Ministry.  Pamela later worked for Feed My Sheep Food and Hospitality Ministry as Volunteer, Communications and Events Coordinator. Pamela and her daughter are diagnosed with a list of invisible illnesses, including Ehlers-Danlos, dysautonomia, fibromyalgia and chronic migraines.

jbu_200-5Cindee Snider Re, Co-Founder, is a writer, photographer, wife, and mama of five (ages 15-24), whose work experience includes: communications, marketing, and volunteer management for the Arthritis Foundation, WI Chapter, copy-editing for Narada Productions, and content writing and photography for several ministry organizations and publications, including The High Calling, Outside the City Gate, and C’est la Vie, The Magazine. Cindee and four of her five children are diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos, Dysautonomia, and myriad co-coexisting conditions. She and her husband currently serve as patient representatives on a board of physicians and research scientists developing the Pediatric Consensus Statement on Orthostatic Intolerance Disorders.


Heather MacLaren Johnson, Board Member, taught elementary students with emotional and behavioral challenges. After the hospitalization and later suicide of her first husband, Heather pursued a doctorate in clinical psychology. She completed her doctoral internship at the North Chicago Veterans Administration Hospital in Illinois and maintained a private practice prior to adopting her children from Russia, each with numerous, invisible, permanent disabilities resulting from prenatal exposure to alcohol. Heather has extensive experience working with the chronically mentally ill in numerous outpatient and inpatient settings. She views loving and advocating for her kids’ numerous physical, psychological, and cognitive special needs as the most challenging and spiritually fruitful experience of her life.


Todd Johnson, Board Member, earned his BA in accounting and economics from Augustana College, his MBA from Northern Illinois University, and became a CPA in 1981. He has held business directorships at Milsco Manufacturing and US Fiduciary Services, and Non-Profit Directorships for The Carl and Irma Swenson Foundation, Ltd., New Beginnings are Possible, and RAJ Ministries, Inc., chairing the Boards of Pennant Management, Inc. and Affinity, Inc. Todd has been a self-employed accountant, financial advisor and investor since 1995. He and his wife Heather are the parents of three children adopted from Russia, each exposed prenatally to alcohol, which caused numerous, invisible, permanent disabilities.

MaryMary Juneau, Board Member, is a wife of 52 years, mother of four adult children and grandmother of six precious grandchildren. Mary has served in numerous volunteer positions over the years, including PTA President, Chair for Committee of 100, church Board of Elders, Head of Christian Education, and Bible study co-leader. Mary and her husband have fostered more than 20 pre-adoptive infants for Milwaukee County, adopting one of the medically fragile infants placed in their care. Mary was appointed to the Homecare Provider Committee as a Medicaid Recipient Representative by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, and later served as a liaison between committees. In her early fifties Mary was diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma, a chronic autoimmune illness.

MikeMike Juneau, Board Member and Secretary, retired from a 37-year career as CPA for Briggs & Stratton Corporation, where he developed the tax department, worked as assistant treasurer, and chaired the company retirement plan committees and managed the plan investments. In addition, Mike is an ordained elder and managed church finances at several churches. In 2006, he was on a team that assisted an inner city non-profit academy develop its finances and strategy plans. Mike has been married to his wife Mary for 52 years. They have four adult children and six grandchildren, and fostered more than 20 pre-adoption infants for Milwaukee County, before adopting their daughter Samantha, who has been on a ventilator for more than twenty-five years. Mike’s wife Mary has a chronic autoimmune disease. Daily, he experiences the role of caregiver, being supportive to and an advocate for both his wife and daughter.


Heidi Peterson, Board Member, is a loving wife and dedicated mother to three beautiful children. Her journey with chronic illness began in childhood as a witness to the progression of a genetic, neurological disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth. She completed her BSN in 2006 and has been professionally assisting those with chronic illness since.  In 2009, Heidi’s daughter was prenatally diagnosed with a complex congenital heart defect, PA/IVS. In 2014, Heidi’s son was also diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder and food allergies. As an effort to gain additional knowledge, she decided to go back to school and will complete an MS in Health and Wellness at the end of 2017.  Throughout her experience with chronic illness, Heidi has learned that prayer is a powerful gift, and the presence of God is felt in many unexpected ways.


Advisory Council

Julie Sheridan-Smith, Pastoral Advisor, is a mother, wife, founding board member, and ordained minister.  She and her husband have three young adult children. Julie became personally aware of chronic pain when her daughter began experiencing constant and excruciating back pain, resulting in surgery.  Yet the pain continued and other unexplained issues began – nausea, stomach pain, and inability to keep food down.  During her senior year in high school, her daughter became gravely ill with gastroparesis, and spent much of her senior year in and out of the hospital. The quest for relief and solutions, the ongoing struggle of chronic illness, and the anxiety that accompanies both has drawn Julie to seek to know and speak of God’s presence in and through the reality of chronic pain – both for the one experiencing it and for those who love them.

RachelRachel Thiel, Advisor, is an eternal optimist, graduated from Marquette University with her Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Physical Therapy degrees. Following completion of the University of Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency, she sat for the Orthopedic Clinical Specialist Boards exam and earned her OCS. Rachel’s continued education includes MyoPain Seminars Dry Needling course work and certification. She has worked as a physical therapist in Wisconsin since 2012, and believes the goal is better, whether that means better sleep, better food, or a better talk with God. The diagnosis may not change, but quality of life and how that diagnosis affects life, relationships, and faith can be improved. Rachel uses a team approach to facilitate the best outcomes for her patients.



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