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Radical hope. Compassionate change. Equipping those affected by chronic physical and mental illness through community and education rooted in Jesus Christ.


Yesterday, I drove by fields of sunflowers, their happy faces tracking the constant sun. All day, the stems, the east-facing halves, grow and lengthen, bending their flower heads to keep up with the westward-moving light. All night, their west-side stems grow, oscillating their heavy yellow faces back to the east.  I envy the surety of…

Ephesians 1:18 I pray that the eyes of your heart

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I don’t like living with scarcity. I don’t like having just enough to meet my needs. I don’t like being dependent. It makes me feel vulnerable. In my economy, I want a full oil flask and overflowing flour jar. #ChronicJoy #DiscoveringHope

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