Introducing Mike Juneau

Today, we are thrilled to introduce to you to the man who has led us step-by-step though the process of becoming a full-fledged, IRS non-profit ministry. Today, Friends, meet Board Member, Mike Juneau!

MikeJuneauHeadshotOver my 37-year career as CPA for Briggs & Stratton Corporation, I headed up tax function, worked as assistant treasurer, and chaired the company’s retirement plan, overseeing day-to-day operations and investment of assets. In 2006, I retired, but transitioned to a plan consultant. At this same time, I stepped in to help a growing organization become a full tax-exempt non-profit. In addition, as a church elder, I have managed church finances. I find great satisfaction in navigating the labyrinth of spreadsheets and government forms.

Fifty-two years of marriage to the love of my life, Mary, has been an absolute gift and a remarkable journey. We have four adult children, three daughters and a son – the oldest and youngest adopted, and six grandchildren.

As our children entered high school, Mary grew increasingly interested in foster care. We made the call and began fostering pre-adoption infants for Milwaukee County. After several years and more than twenty infants, Samantha entered our lives. We met her at Children’s Hospital following her first surgery for Spina-Bifida. She came home with us under Milwaukee County’s long-term foster care program with a poor prognosis, many medical challenges, and too many surgeries to count. Samantha is now 32, and officially became a Juneau when she was twenty. Sam has been on a ventilator for more than twenty years. We daily understand the impact of chronic illness.

In her early fifties, my wife Mary was diagnosed with Diffuse Systemic Scleroderma, a chronic autoimmune disease, which impacts major body systems and has no known cure.

Daily, I experience the role of caregiver, being supportive to and an advocate for both my wife and daughter. I know God’s mercy and grace, and see His unmistakable gift of joy exuding from my daughter Sam. She is Chronic Joy.

I feel blessed to walk beside Pamela and Cindee, facilitating the necessary government forms and regulations to bring this ministry of Chronic Joy to life.


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Radical hope. Compassionate change. Equipping those affected by chronic physical and mental illness through community and education rooted in Jesus Christ.

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